6 items of clothing in black that you should absolutely own

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While we might wear everything in black, these five items in particular are essential!

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If there is a color that should not be missing in any wardrobe and is absolutely unbeatable, it is definitely black! It suits almost any occasion, adds elegance, it is also the ultimate slimming agent and our absolute savior when we don’t know what to wear. And while we could easily own everything in black, there are still six pieces of clothing that are absolute must-haves in black.


A black blazer is the key to a professional look. Whether you’re heading to the office, have an important meeting or simply want to improve your style. Depending on how you combine the blazer, it will immediately add a touch of class and elegance to your outfit.

The little black dress

Whether it’s a cocktail party, a date or an elegant dinner: the little black dress is the classic par excellence and a timeless piece that you can always fall back on in case of doubt because it is always elegant and fashionable. Tip: It should reach the knee or at least a few centimeters above the knee so that it can be seen everywhere.


A black bra is versatile and goes with any outfit you wear over it. Many people also find black underwear particularly attractive and sensual. The best part: a black bra looks new longer, gets dirty less easily and therefore needs to be washed less often than lighter models.

Pleated trousers

The neatly cut black pleated trousers are perfect if you want to create a formal and elegant look. Above all, their loose fit is comfortable and perfect if you have to stay long at a formal event, a business meeting or an evening event. You can also pair them with a variety of blouses, shirts or blazers.

Leather jacket

A black leather jacket immediately gives you a touch of coolness and ease. It can add a certain flair to your outfit and liven up your overall look. It’s also perfect if you want to take interesting breaks in style. You create an exciting contrast, especially in combination with feminine dresses or chic skirts.


Black tights offer you several advantages: On the one hand, they provide warmth and are therefore indispensable in autumn and winter. Plus, they can add a formal or chic touch. They also contribute to a professional and well-groomed appearance. Especially when open shoes or bare legs are not appropriate.

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