Amazon launches Bosch Professional tools at Black Friday prices

Amazon launches Bosch Professional tools at Black Friday prices

Amazon is emptying its warehouses and during Black Friday week this especially concerns Bosch tools. More precisely – from the blue label “Professional”. We look at the best offers from the campaign and show which tool you can save the most on.

Bosch Professional torque screwdriver 53% cheaper.

Bosch Professional at Black Friday prices

With the large number of deals Amazon currently has in stock, it’s hard to keep track of them. Professional and semi-professional tools from Bosch Professional are always popular with these business campaigns. They are available with cable and in different battery systems – 12V and 18V – from the German manufacturer. Discounts of more than 50% are now available.

Bosch Professional reciprocating saw: the electric foxtail is again under 120 euros

One of the best offers is the GSA 1100 E reciprocating saw from Bosch Professional. A true long-time favorite of the series. It comes with a saw blade for wood and metal, so you’ll be ready to go quickly. When you take a break, simply hang the saw using the integrated hook and when you’re done, store it in the included case. There is no L-Boxx for your tool tower, but the price is really high now. Amazon currently charges you just 117.86 euros, which means the price is more than halved.

Bosch Professional GSA 1100 E reciprocating saw. It is also available in a battery-powered version.

If you want the reciprocating saw to be a cordless tool, you have to pay a little extra. The version with 18V battery is available for 155 euros, a really high price for the cordless saw. Unfortunately, the right battery isn’t included, so it has to be purchased separately or it’s in your tool room anyway. That’s why this saw comes with an L-Boxx.

Cordless impact wrench reduced by 53%.

The GDX 18V-210 C cordless impact driver (see cover photo of the article) from the 18V system is heavily discounted at 53%. Unfortunately, the battery is also not included here. The cordless screwdriver with 210 Nm torque allows three-level torque control and features a 2-in-1 bit holder for 1/2″ square and 1/4″ hex socket drives.

You can currently buy it on Amazon for 156.99 euros. The L-Boxx 136 is included for convenient storage.

For rougher jobs, the GBH 18V cordless hammer drill from Bosch Professional is also available at a price reduced by 54%. Without battery the 2.0 joule Kawentsmann costs 134.99 euros. This is a really good price for a cordless device from this series.

18V batteries are also cheaper

The 18 volt battery suitable for the products mentioned is also available. The 5 Ah battery, suitable for all 18 V cordless tools in the series, is sold for 62.50 euros, which is a reduction of 42%.

If you own the Bosch Professional 12V series tools, you won’t be left empty-handed. Here too the battery is on offer during Black Friday. For 51.60 euros for the large 6 Ah version. The smaller 3 Ah version for cordless screwdrivers etc. it costs 42.99 euros.

Basically 12V machines are sufficient for home use. The 18V system tools are suitable for all jobs requiring greater torque. This above all translates into more efficient work, because even in craftsmanship time is sometimes important. That’s why professional craftsmen often rely on 18V stuff.

Basic equipment: all-in-one package for almost 500 euros

If you want to equip your home workshop with basic Bosch equipment, you’ll want to take a look at this set. Here you can find a collection of these 12V system cordless tools at the reduced price of 479.99 euros:

  • GSR cordless drill/driver
  • GST Puzzle
  • GKS circular saw
  • GSA reciprocating saw
  • Multi-cutter GOP
  • GLI LED lamp
  • 3 batteries (3 Ah, 12 V)
  • Battery charger
  • XL box

This means you can do virtually all types of work inside and outside your home. Batteries are also included and this set is perfect as a starting point for your Bosch Professional family or as a Christmas gift. If you don’t find anything here, you can also browse the promotions page on Amazon. Since the prices sometimes only apply to limited quantities, a little flexibility is still needed here.

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