Anyone who “incorrectly” played the new WoW patch is now up to 2 weeks behind

With the 10.2 “Guardians of the Dream” update, World of Warcraft received the last and final really big patch for Dragonflight. Part of that: a new reputation faction. But anyone who played too early or simply “normally” now has a disadvantage.

Why am I late?

  • The Dream Guardians are the new faction in patch 10.2 and provide some Renown tier rewards.
  • However, you can only gain a limited amount of reputation with guards per week. There is no way to reliably cultivate long-term reputation.
  • However, some players used the mechanic intelligently and finished after just a week. Everyone else now has to wait, because after that the tricks no longer work.

How could you play “wrong”? Right when patch 10.2 was released, you could do a little trick: if you simply played a second character instead of the main one, you could reach fame level 18 within the first week and then reach maximum fame level 20 in week 2.

To do this, though, your twink had to reach fame level 10 on release day. This was faster as a human (+10% reputation) and during the Darkmoon Faire, which was still ongoing (also +10% reputation).

What this time makes the trick possible for everyone without any problems: Thanks to the announcement of The War Within and the pre-sales already underway, character upgrades can be purchased directly at level 70. So everyone could easily buy a guy for fame .

Once a character reaches fame level 10, all other characters receive +100% reputation up to this level. So, if you played the main only after – and during the fair – you could immediately reach level 16-18, depending on how much effort you wanted to put in.

Then, in Week 2, WoW’s 19th birthday began with another 19% reputation. Anyone who has stored their reputation tokens here and redeemed them will now benefit from a big bonus again and reach fame level 20 by Thursday 16 November at the latest.

So it was “wrong” to just play the new patch normally, which means completing the new campaign, story and missions with the main character.

WoW: Guardians of the Dream – Launch Trailer

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Reputation brings useful improvements and can provide benefits

The fact that a number of players have gone straight up the reputation is because there is a strong improvement at least beyond fame level 18. Here you get a new rune that gives you +87 to your main attribute for an hour and can be used indefinitely.

There are also upgrade currencies for new equipment and at level 20 a new optional crafting material with which you can upgrade a crafted item up to level 476. This item is therefore better than anything you could get before 10.2.

If you didn’t use the “trick”, you should now be around fame level 11/12 or 13/14, depending on whether you’ve already completed the raid or not. However, the MeinMMO demon Cortyn also has an ace up his sleeve: with a contract and world quests outside of the dream, you can reach fame 18 even without the reputation bonus at the start.

Even if the circumstances in this case are particularly particular, you can proceed in the same way in case of future release of an update if you want to save time or be particularly efficient. However, the next update probably won’t bring a new faction:

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