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Leader with 31 points. BILD provides 31 reasons why the shell should be Leverkusen rolls.

● Record 11 games Bayern have been in charge since 2015/16 (under Guardiola!). And it can be November 25th. be destroyed in Bremen.

● Of the 5 major European leagues, apart from Leverkusen, only Nice is unbeaten in all competitions.

● Coach Xabi Alonso is the mastermind behind the success. Let’s hope Leverkusen can keep the Spaniard.

Coach Xabi Alonso. The Spaniard has 10.2 million followers on Instagram

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● Coaches Rolfes and Carro built the superteam with eight new players for a fee of 67 million euros.

● The new goal anthem (“All around the world” by ATC) kicks things off.

● Baby pillows! This year Amine Adli and Nadiem Amiri became fathers for the first time; Andrich will be for the second time in 2024.

● Rolfes’ analysis of the fall 2022 crisis identified every weakness of his team and led to the cut.

● The head of the Carro club (in office since 2018) is a seer. He talked about the title on BILD TV in 2022.

● Alonso’s hunger for titles: 18 professional titles (including world champion, European champion, Champions League winner) – now champion as a manager?

● Florian Wirtz is even better than before the cruciate ligament rupture. One reason: he was chosen by the national coach Nagelsmann.

Really in great shape: Florian Wirtz.  The international player has contributed 16 goals in 17 matches so far this season

Really in great shape: Florian Wirtz. The international player has contributed 16 goals in 17 matches so far this season

Photo: Teresa Kroeger/RHR-FOTO

● The red cross on the new black home shirt (of Bayer Cross) was created on the initiative of the fans.

● Team spirit despite great competition. Little playing time for star performers like Andrich and Hincapié, but no problems.

● Alonso offered breakfast to everyone before each training session.

● Argentinian Exequiel Palacios is the only Bundesliga world champion of 2022. And he plays like this!

● Alonso moves up to eight places in the starting eleven in cup competitions. He says: “Every player is needed”.

● The League team is perfectly in tune and can defeat any opponent (like Bayern in the 2-2 draw in Munich).

● 5 professionals made it to the senior national teams: Frimpong (Netherlands), Boniface (Nigeria), Andrich (Germany), Grimaldo (Spain) and Tella (Nigeria).

● With Wirtz, Hofmann, Tah and Andrich Leverkusen once again has a DFB block like that of former coach Völler (from 2000 to 2004).

● Bayer played a staggering 815 (!) passes against Union, of which 755 (93%) were received – both records under Alonso.

● Tuchel dreams of it! With Xhaka, Alonso got a real “Holding Six”.

● Cohesion with fans: professionals promoted the fan jersey tour.

● Defender Tah has the best passing percentage in the league (96.9%).

● This year the Bay Arena turf was named “Pitch of the Year” for the second time in a row.

5 out of 6 under the crossbar Can this man only score dream goals?

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● After August and September, Boniface also won the DFL “Rookie of the Month” election in October.

● Long range king Grimaldo scored his 4th goal outside the box against Union. The highest value in the top 5 leagues in Europe!

● New season ticket record (19,800), home area sold out in every home league match so far.

● With the Argentine Parrilla, Alonso has an expert standard as assistant coach: against Union two goals came from corners.

● Former Junior Chief Eichin has been licensing director and “cabin sheriff” since July 1. He brings more traction.

● 11 different players scored the 34 league goals. Unpredictable.

● In every home game there are 30 balls spread across the field. Advantage: Bayer can speed up the game when the ball is out.

● A main balcony is available. The terrace of the “Schwadbud” stadium bar in the east stand.

Leverkusen star of Bayern? What Reif heard about Grimaldo

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