Be careful, it can cause damage to your cell phone

Be careful, it can cause damage to your cell phone

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Another scam is spreading again via WhatsApp. The problem is that the news of an alleged Lidl competition is passed on by acquaintances.

Kassel – The WhatsApp messenger is mainly used to communicate with friends and family, but scammers also use the app to obtain sensitive data. Recently, messages from fictitious recruiters were circulating on WhatsApp. Now there is another scam circulating on the messaging service. Users receive a message inviting them to participate in a supposed competition.

The alleged Lidl competition is sent via WhatsApp

The fraudulent message claims that the competition comes from Lidl, like the Internet portal explained. The announcement states that participants in the game will have the chance to win 2,000 euros. To do this, you need to click on a link attached to the text. However, this redirects to a fake Lidl website.

Scammers are currently trying to convince WhatsApp users to enter a fake Lidl competition.
Scammers are currently trying to convince WhatsApp users to enter a fake Lidl competition. © Jaap Arriens/imago

On the alleged Lidl website, users are asked to answer several questions and take a quiz. They are then encouraged to share the competition with five groups or 20 contacts via a messaging service such as WhatsApp – this allows scammers to spread their message. Last year, a similar deceptive Milka competition was circulating on WhatsApp.

Your cell phone can be damaged by WhatsApp fraud

Last but not least, users will be asked to open an application for 30 seconds. During this period, software is used that can cause significant damage to the cell phone, he warns However, there are some tips that consumers should pay attention to in order not to fall into Lidl’s alleged competition.

Recognize fake competitions, such as the alleged Lidl competition, using these signals:

  • Dubious URL
  • Request to share the game with contacts
  • Request to download the software
  • Source:

The web address of the alleged Lidl competition site appears extremely dubious and suggests that it does not actually come from the discounter. Furthermore, in a real competition, participants would not be encouraged to share the game with their contacts – the same goes for downloading the software.

Fake competitions from Lidl & Co.: look carefully at the sender

The Consumer Advice Center explains that the signs of fraudulent emails are often similar. Existing company names, such as Lidl in this case, are often used to feign seriousness. Therefore, it is always advisable for consumers to check the reliability of the sender address and verify the information provided by the mentioned company.

WhatsApp users are often victims of the so-called grandchildren trick: messages from strangers claim that it is a new number for their children or grandchildren. After this is saved, the scammers ask for money. (tt)

For this article written by the editorial staff, mechanical assistance was used. The article was carefully reviewed by editor Teresa Toth before publication.

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