Black Friday Amazon from midnight: good LEGO offers in advance

Black Friday Amazon from midnight: good LEGO offers in advance

Amazon Black Friday Week Advance Warning

Black Friday week on Amazon starts this year from tomorrow, November 17, one week before the actual Black Friday. We’re currently expecting plenty of LEGO deals for both Black Friday and Black Friday week. However, Amazon already has some sets on offer at interesting prices, which we would like to briefly point out in advance.

Black Friday week begins on Amazon on November 17th at 12pm directly on Amazon and is already advertised quite intensively both on the website and in the Amazon app. The action is underway until Cyber ​​Monday, Nov. 27 at 11:59 p.mwith the peak likely to be reached on Black Friday, November 24th.

Of course today we will stay up until at least midnight, we will report good LEGO offers already at the beginning of the campaign and we will send a push notification via email, Telegram and WhatsApp, at least if there are any. Particularly good deals from such promotions sometimes sell out quickly, although the latest promotions (e.g. Prime Day) have been a bit more relaxed this year.

Current LEGO offers before Black Friday on Amazon

Amazon has already launched some good LEGO offers, partly through the use of coupons become possible. To do this, as you may know from other campaigns on Amazon, you need to tick the respective boxes “apply coupon from €x.xx” on the product page. In some cases, Amazon is countering ongoing promotions at other retailers, but in some cases Amazon has also launched its own good LEGO deals.

Example of Amazon coupon discount voucher

There are some cheap sets where the offers are only valid if you as a Prime customer do not pay shipping costs or purchase for at least 39 euros to get free shipping.

LEGO Architecture offers

LEGO Art Offers

LEGO Avatar offers

LEGO City offers

  • LEGO City 60384 Ice cream van with slushes for 10.99 euros (45% discount)
    (RRP: 19.99 euros, PVG: 13.98 euros)
  • LEGO City 60377 Ocean Explorer Boat for 16.99 euros (43% discount)
    (RRP: 29.99 euros, PVG: 19.98 euros)
  • LEGO City 60392 Police Motorcycle Chase for 5.99 euros (40% discount)
    (RRP: 9.99 euros, PVG: 7.49 euros)
  • EOL: LEGO City 60319 Fire Operation and Chase for 17.99 euros (40% discount)
    (RRP: 29.99 euros, PVG: 19.99 euros)
  • EOL: LEGO City 60314 Ice Cream Truck Chase for 19.00 euros (37% discount)
    (RRP: 29.99 euros, PVG: 19.99 euros)

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 offers

LEGO Icons Offers

LEGO DC offers

LEGO Disney offers

LEGO Friends offers

  • EOL: LEGO Friends 41758 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2023 for 14.99 euros (44% discount)
    (RRP: 26.99 euros, PVG: 17.99 euros)
  • LEGO Friends 41728 Restaurant for 16.99 euros (43% discount)
    (RRP: 29.99 euros, PVG: 19.94 euros)
  • LEGO Friends 41736 Sea Rescue Center for 29.99 euros (40% discount)
    (RRP: 49.99 euros, PVG: 32.98 euros)
  • LEGO Friends 41727 Dog Rescue Center for 36.99 euros (38% discount)
    (RRP: 59.99 euros, PVG: 39.94 euros)
  • LEGO Friends 41740 Aliya’s room for 12.99 euros (35% discount)
    (RRP: 19.99 euros, PVG: 13.99 euros)

LEGO Harry Potter offers

LEGO Marvel offers

LEGO Minecraft offers


LEGO Star Wars offers

LEGO Super Mario offers

What LEGO deals can we expect?

Unfortunately, Amazon can’t (reliably) see in advance what deals are available for major shopping events like Black Friday or Prime Day. So at this point we can only speculate on what the LEGO deals will be, drawing on customer experiences. past events.

The good news is that this year (at least in past campaigns) for the first time Exclusive LEGO sets they were discounted and therefore we can hope for a good deal, for example, for the LEGO Rivendell (10316). However, the price has always been almost identical in previous promotions here, so I wouldn’t expect significantly higher discounts than perhaps 18% this time either.

Amazon currently has numerous sets in its range for which Amazon is one of, or even the only, exclusive partner. These are currently the following sets:

How advantageous are the LEGO Black Week offers on Amazon?

Here too we can only speculate. Experience has shown that Amazon offers many solid prices and stable availability for the sets. However, at least this year there were few better prices overall in the promotions. Discounts of around 40% However, the recommended price should be possible for many rather popular sets. For exclusive sets we expect discounts of around 15% on the recommended price.

Overall, or so it seems to us, the sales pressure on LEGO itself and retailers is greater this year. So we assume that LEGO Black Friday deals at Amazon and other retailers will be better this year. At least the campaigns already carried out in October and November confirm this.

Should you stay up until midnight?

In recent years, in the context of Black Friday offers on Amazon, we have always underlined that good offers can sometimes sell out in the early hours of the morning and it is therefore advisable to stay up until midnight. Of course the possibility still exists (especially if Amazon comes around the corner with really great LEGO offers), but the latest promotions were rather relaxed and most of the offers could even be ordered in the morning.

If you want you can still stay up with us until the campaign starts, otherwise you can just go to bed and check out the offers in the morning. Or you can avoid the shopping madness completely and simply not open our offer items at all so as not to be tempted. 😉

Do you already have something in mind for Black Friday week on Amazon that you would like to buy, perhaps outside of the LEGO offers we have reported to you? Or are you already saturated with LEGO deals after all the good promotions in the last few days? Are you going to stay up until midnight? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments and ask your questions about the campaign – we and the rest of the community will try to answer them.

A notification: This post contains so-called affiliate links to online shops (e.g. LEGO, Amazon, eBay or Alternate) and is therefore marked as “contains advertising”. If you use one of these links and then make a purchase at the linked store, we receive a commission from the retailer. This way you support (more information here) and allow us to remain free from advertising banners and paid content. Thank you for this!

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