Bundesliga: RB Leipzig beat SC Freiburg

Bundesliga: RB Leipzig beat SC Freiburg

To: November 12, 2023 10:26 pm

After an early lead, RB Leipzig seemed to lack the necessary strength against SC Freiburg. But then came replacement Christoph Baumgartner, who was his squad led to a 3:1 (1:1) victory in the final quarter of an hour.

In the end we deserved to win the match.”, Baumgartner cheered. He considered the personnel changes crucial: “Naturally the new players did us good. At that point the game was on a razor’s edge.”

Freiburg goalscorer Merlin Röhl said: “It’s a shame how it went. We should have been in the decisive phase at Leipzig Punch he could easily score the decisive goal. He was level-headed.”

Both teams started the game with momentum

Both teams he started the last match of the eleventh day of the Bundesliga with a big chest. Leipzig ended the winter with a hard-fought 2-1 win in Belgrade during the week Champions League he made it clear that Freiburg had a place in Europe League the Serbian one squad of Topola defeated 5-0.

Xavi irresistible – Leipzig in the lead at the start

Leipzig in particular looked inspired. It didn’t take six minutes before he was there squad by coach Marco Rose in front. Xavi stole the ball from Freiburg’s Lucas Höler in the opponent’s half. The Dutchman took a few more steps and shot the ball from a good 20 meters into the far corner: 1-0 (6th).

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Leipzig stuck with it, remained superior and vehemently pushed SC defensively. After a good 20 minutes it was almost 2-0: the hard-working Lois Openda got into a good finishing position on the right side of the edge of the penalty area and aimed at the left corner with the instep of her right outside foot. SCF goalkeeper Noah Atubolu reached out and barely turned the ball around the post with his fingertips.

Freiburg rebels, one goal doesn’t count

But Freiburg has been for some time now squad with high demands in the Bundesliga. This became evident when the opponent’s intensity decreased after a good half hour. The SC recognized this and took advantage of it immediately, now they attacked back.

After 35 minutes the ball was in the Leipzig net, Kilian Sildillia had scored and scored. Alone: ​​The Freiburg winger was one step away from offside during Maximilian Eggestein’s previous long-range shot. The hit didn’t count.

Röhl scores the sensational 1-1

But the compensation was only postponed. Merlin Röhl started an almost irresistible solo run in the 45th minute, in which he ultimately made Lukas Klostermann in particular look very old. From 15 meters he fired the ball brilliantly into the far corner, just as Xavi did at the other end. At half-time it was 1:1. And Röhl scored his first Bundesliga goal.

Freiburg had one drawing at halftime and almost took the lead after the break. Vincenzo Grifo had served Noah Weißhaupt on the left with a wonderful interface pass. Höler converted his cross into the center to make it 1-2 (56′), but here too the linesman’s flag was rightly raised. The crosser was just offside.

RB saves the substitutions

The inhabitants of Leipzig now seemed to be running out of strength. In particular, the offensive around the lively Xavi barely managed to shine. Freiburg became dominant. RBTrainer Rose tried to react with a three-way substitution (70th), but that’s how he really dominated squad Not.

But there was still room to celebrate: in the 78th minute substitute Christoph Baumgartner was hit with his right foot by Grifo – since this happened in the Freiburg penalty area, referee Patrick Ittrich had no other choice: a rigor. Lois Openda scored to make it 2-1.

Baumgartner decides the match

Just two turns later the game was decided: after a Leipzig counterattack, Baumgartner made a free throw on the right. His shot from 16 meters was deflected into the nearest corner: 3-1 (80′). The substitute almost had the game to himself squad decided.

Leipzig against Wolfsburg, Freiburg welcomes Darmstadt

RB Leipzig will face VfL Wolfsburg on matchday 12 (Saturday 25 November 2023 at 3.30 pm). At the same time Freiburg competes against Darmstadt.

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