Coach Giovanni Zarrella suffers a serious defeat

Giovanni Zarrella fell behind on “The Voice of Germany”. Image: Andre Kowalski/ProSieben/SAT.1/dpa


Desireé Oostland

The nerve-wracking team fights of “The Voice of Germany” entered the second round on Friday night. And this round was definitely not for the faint of heart: in the end one coach even had to walk away from the evening completely talentless.

Team fights take place over a total of three rounds. In each round there are four hot spots available for talent. After the coaches fill all four hot spots in the first round, the offense begins. Each team can challenge one of these occupied hot spots. In the end, a neutral audience decides who will take the chair. Only those who are still sitting in a hot position at the end of the evening will advance to the next semi-finals. What seems like an emotion drives not only the coaches crazy, but also the spectators.

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz rely on proven tactics

“Team Toll”, i.e. Bill and Tom Kaulitz, also used a strategy similar to the previous one in the second round of team fights: They filled the hot top spot with one of their strongest talents to rule out an offense and ensure that this chair remains occupied by the same talent throughout the evening. This is why they sent Sebastian Zieroff to compete, a talent with a truly unique voice. With his performance he made the audience tremble from the first second, but the twins’ strategy that evening was still called into question several times.

Ronan Keating sat Emely Myles next to Sebastian. The 33-year-old rocked the stage in a pink outfit with matching song “Respect.” The energy required by this song kept her on stage until the last moment. Coach Shirin also couldn’t help herself: “I couldn’t, he moved, I had to move!” Meanwhile, Ronan was bursting with pride: “You’re a ramp pig!”

The voice: Emily

Ronan Keating is convinced: Emely is a star.Image: ProSieben/SAT.1 / André Kowalski

Giovanni assigned his talented Laura Schopf to the third chair. He also affectionately calls her “Miss Emozioni”. After living up to her nickname lei with her smooth rendition of “Lost Without You,” she took third hot spot of the night. To conclude the first, still harmless, team fight, Shirin David put her youngest talent in one of the hot seats: Fritz Speck, with his extraordinary vocal color, was supposed to melt the hearts of the audience and raise the inhibition threshold for a challenge. He enchanted the entire studio with his shyness and her talent.

Talent displaces Giovanni Zarrella’s candidate

Then the real fighting began: and for their first meeting, “Team Toll” sent their talent Naomi into the competition – with a song by Tokio Hotel. The eighteen-year-old was able to sing “Spring Nicht” and challenged her rival Laura Schopf of Team Giovanni with this special selection of songs.

At the end of her performance, Naomi was overcome with emotion and burst into tears herself before she was actually allowed to sit in Laura’s place after the audience vote. But they took it quite well: “I’m happy to make room for someone like Naomi,” Laura said after the decision. This rapid change demonstrated how drastic and tough team fights are and how quickly even the best talent can be eliminated from this competition.

“The Voice” coaches need to attack

From the beginning of the team clashes it became clear: that evening “Team Toll” had everything, but not an easy match. The twins were challenged round after round. This is due not only to the strength of their team, but also to the fact that they temporarily filled two out of four spots, leaving a talentless coach nervous.

The other teams absolutely had to attack, and so they did. The same goes for Ronan Keating: with his talented Alex Seeger, the coach challenges Sebastian from “Team Toll” – but in vain. Despite his soulful voice, Alex couldn’t push Sebastian off his chair. But no problem for Ronan, who was confident in his talent even after the decision: “This is the birth of a star.”

“I feel like he was born to be on stage,” Giovanni began as he introduced his next talent. “Is this public manipulation?” Bill wanted to know. Zarrella dedicated this performance to his younger talent, Elias Biechele, who competed against Fritz of Team Shirin. With immeasurable vulnerability in her voice, the girl from Giovanni’s team sang “Say Something” and amazed even Ronan Keating: “I think you could win,” he admitted after the show.

Shirin David suddenly has no more talent

After all the praise for Elias, Shirin also tried to defend his challenged talent: “When I turn on the radio, I realize that it is Fritz Speck – and that is very rare,” she stated. All this was unsuccessful because the public chose Elias. So Shirin remained on the chairs without any talent, until he sent Richard on stage and advised him to attack Sebastian of “Team Toll”. The singer was challenged a second time, putting the Kaulitz twins’ strategy to the test.

The voice

Things went well for Bill and Tom Kaulitz that evening.Image: ProSieben/SAT.1 / Richard Hübner

Shirin found clear words after Richard’s performance: “I think his ass needs to be warmed up real quick.” And indeed: Richard managed to push Sebastian off the throne. “We are being attacked incessantly today,” Bill complained and reacted quickly. The twins sent Marc Altergott onto the stage and had him compete against Richard, who wasn’t even allowed to warm up the hot seat. And indeed a sudden change occurs—to Shirin’s irritation: “I’m no longer approachable today, I’m crazy,” he complains, looking straight ahead. “Good, I’m in a good mood,” she continued to tease Bill.

“La Voce”: Giovanni Zarrella leaves empty-handed

But not even Marc was allowed to sit in peace in the hot chair: apparently that very chair was very popular that evening. Ronan pitted his talent against Anne Mosters with the song “Love In The Dark” by Adele. Their performance elicited whispered wows from all the coaches, but the wow effect didn’t reach the audience, because they gave Marc the chance to continue breathing deeply on a warm seat. Ronan was unhappy with this decision: “I’m heartbroken, I can’t believe it,” he announced in disbelief. But Giovanni soon found the right words, as he often does: “We will still stay at Anne’s to watch the concerts.”

Giovanni then took out his joker and had the three tenors line up. And once again “Team Toll” was attacked, this time Naomi. “If Naomi leaves now, she will break my heart,” Bill threatened shortly before the show. But her heart remained intact because Naomi managed to prevail against the three powerful male voices. Shirin had no talent at this point, so she had to make the next decision tactically. She chose power woman Kim Schutzius, who managed to knock Elias’ strong voice off the chair with her rendition of Adele’s “Easy On Me.”

The voice

The Three Tenors were supposed to save Team Giovanni.Image: ProSieben/SAT.1 / André Kowalski

So that evening Giovanni was unable to bring any talent to the semi-final. His bitter conclusion: “Today was a brutal day. We entered the competition with three talents and no talent reached the semifinals.” Bill and Tom Kaulitz, however, were able to resist all the attacks and ended the evening with two talents (Marc and Naomi). Ronan (Emely) and Shirin (Kim) went forward with one talent each. There is still one more round of team battles before the semi-finals.

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