Details of a happy marriage for three

Details of a happy marriage for three

Houston (Texas/United States) – Andrea (40) is married to Brandon (44) and they have been together for more than 20 years. But the couple is polyamorous: both have unstable romantic relationships. Now Andrea reveals the details of a happy marriage with more than two people involved.

Andrea (40) is married to Brandon (44). But she still loves another man. © Editing: Instagram/Infinitepolyam

Andrea and Brandon met and fell in love 22 years ago. She was 18 and he was 22 at the time. But from the beginning of their relationship it was clear: they both wanted to sleep with other people. The Texas couple told Newsweek what they were talking about.

“At first we only had fleeting relationships with other people,” explains the 40-year-old. “But after 10 years, Brandon and I started to wonder why we had this ‘don’t fall in love’ rule.”

Open marriage has become polyamorous marriage. From then on the two began romantic relationships with other people, sometimes for several years.

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Andrea says: “Rules are complicated to maintain. They make the relationship much more difficult.” The Texan believes the rules would prevent a relationship from developing naturally.

Now the parents of a six-year-old daughter hold to only one principle: “The only agreement Brandon and I have is that we tell each other if we intend to have sex with someone or start another relationship.”

Although “sometimes it’s not realistic because sex “It’s not always possible to plan,” Andrea says with a wink.


Andrea likes to give relationship advice on TikTok. She also advises her Brandon on how to optimize her Tinder profile. © Editing: Instagram/Infinitepolyam

Andrea loves Brandon and so does David

Andrea also has a relationship with David. She now wants to “marry” him. © Editing: Instagram/Infinitepolyam

“It always felt more natural when I was in two relationships at the same time,” says Andrea.

Although she also feels “very happy and complete” with Brandon, with whom she has a six-year-old daughter, the determined woman doesn’t want to let herself be limited.

She also regularly meets David, her boyfriend, who is also polyamorous, has another girlfriend and is married to a third woman.

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Andrea says she met her boyfriend three years ago in a Facebook group for polyamorous people. “There was nothing non-binding from the start,” she says. “We both had every intention of having a loving relationship.”

Andrea and David are now “engaged”. Since both are still married and want to stay that way, the poly couple is having a special “ceremony” instead of a civil wedding.

“I now have two complete relationships that satisfy me and I am in love with both men,” enthuses Andrea.

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Andrea and Brandon have started a family. They say they are happy. ©Facebook/Andrea Peters

Jealousy is actually not a problem, Andrea assures.

She says of herself: “I don’t experience jealousy very often, but when I do, I feel like there’s something in this relationship that needs to be addressed. Maybe I feel like I’m not being paid much attention and my needs aren’t being met. satisfied”, explains Andrea, underlining how happy she is for her partners when they sleep with other women. She has “no negative feelings” about it.

But one thing makes marriage for three a little complicated: “The most difficult thing about having two partners is coordinating our appointments,” explains Andrea. “David lives with his wife, so he usually comes to my house, but sometimes I go to his house too,” she adds.

Apart from their unconventional love life, they are completely normal people, Andrea points out. She wants greater social acceptance for her relationship model.

“People assume that polyamorous people haven’t found the right person yet. They think that once you find the right person, you won’t have those relationships anymore. But that’s not the case either.”

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