Difficulty levels, details + photos

Difficulty levels, details + photos

It is now known what difficulty levels are available in “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth”. There are also numerous gameplay details that have been illustrated with images.

First, Square Enix debuted a recap trailer to prepare newcomers for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. At the same time, the publisher released new details including images of various characters and locations. This Item Furthermore.

But that’s not all: information on difficulty levels and new gameplay details were also announced. Let’s begin.

You can choose between three difficulty levels:

  • Simply: Aimed at players who want to fully focus on the story.
  • Normal: For players who prefer a balanced gaming experience.
  • Dynamic: A new difficulty level that offers a lasting challenge. As your characters get stronger, your enemies will also get stronger.

Once again you have the choice between the two fighting styles”Active” AND “Classic“. The first gives you full control over your character. In the second mode, however, basic actions are automated, giving you time to choose commands.

What Red XIII and Aerith can do in battle

The game information includes, among other things, the RED XIII abilities you can play with. The four-legged friend attacks opponents with its sharp claws. By holding down the attack button, you charge a long-range attack. With it you can quickly set up ATB.

Whether lightning-fast strikes or long-range magical attacks: RED XIII is versatile. For example, he can use the stardust beam to summon a ball of light that, when exploded, burns all enemies in the area.

It also blocks enemy attacks to fill your revenge bar. Once full, you can switch to revenge mode. This means you will benefit from stronger attacks and better evasion maneuvers. You can also choose Siphon Fang, which allows you to steal some of your opponent’s life points. You don’t use any ATB here.

Aerith is also playable. Her unique ability is called Ward Shift, which allows her to move with ease and maximize the impact of her magic.

Aerith’s ward moved

Use synergy

A new game system is the Synergy ability. Two characters work together to create an extremely powerful attack. You unlock such abilities by increasing your party’s level, which symbolizes how close your team is. It is also necessary to increase the bond between group members.

Use skills and fill your synergy bar. Once full, you can unleash a synchronized attack.

There are two examples Incessant running AND Excessive fang. In the first synergy, Cloud and Tifa attack together, in the second Barret Red XIII launches towards the enemy at high speed.

They are another new system Synergy ability. Also for this purpose two members of the group join forces. You activate useful abilities without expending ATB. Some cause damage, others rely on support.

One of these skills is called Enchanted blade. Cloud and Aerith perform a charged magical attack here. Mad Dash is in turn made by Cloud and Barret. The two rush forward, protecting themselves from all attacks.

Kujata, the knowledge of the world and the mysterious proto-relics

As for the convocation, the development team Kujata presented. This is a “cattle deity” that relies on fire, force, and ice attacks. Enemies are thrown around, and even distant opponents are weakened by magic.

Let’s get to the point Knowledge of the world: The character Chadley wants to know more about the world. To help him, you just need to explore new areas. By doing so, you collect data points that help produce matter.

There are also everywhere in the area Protorelics hidden. These antiquities seem to influence space-time and cause strange phenomena. Chadley can tell you where to find them, assuming the Remnant Wave Towers are activated.

If you pass a Chochobo ranch, you can go there Chocolate boutique Customize the look of your bird. This not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but also affects your racing performance.

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