Drink 2 liters of water a day?  The study suggests otherwise

Drink 2 liters of water a day? The study suggests otherwise

Drinking enough water is important. But how much should we drink exactly to get through the day healthy? We’ll tell you and give you more advice on drinking water.

Without water nothing works in the body. Water is part of all cells in the body and is necessary for metabolism.

Water regulates body temperature, not just when we sweat in summer. If we drink too little, we damage all our organs. We also need enough fluids for the brain, mucous membranes, digestion and kidneys.

Drink water: this is good for you

How much water you should drink depends on, among other things, your age.
How much water you should drink depends on, among other things, your age.
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How much water do we need every day? One, two or three litres? The German Nutrition Society recommends it depending on age and particular situation (e.g. pregnancy or breastfeeding) between 400 (in children) and 1,700 ml of drinks take.

Through solid food and oxidized water, you consume even more water throughout the day. So you have to actively drink much less than the commonly known two liters – and only when you are thirsty.

This demonstrates another misconception: Many people believe that you should drink before you’re even thirsty. This should ensure that the body is constantly supplied with sufficient fluids. But this statement is not true, explains nutritionist Uwe Knop to Spiegel Online: “Thirst is a signal from the body. What he means to say is: I need water now, neither before nor after.”

However, this does not necessarily apply to small children and the elderly: they often have problems with thirst. It may make sense for them to make sure they drink enough even when they aren’t thirsty.

A 2022 study confirms this: according to the results, most people only need 1.5 – 1.8 liters of water per day. More information on this: Drink 2 liters of water a day? The study dispels common recommendations

Where did the two liter rule come from?

As a rule, you should only drink as much water as you feel thirsty. But where did the “two liter rule” come from? As Plusminus reports, this is probably due to clever marketing by large water producers.

Nestle“Danone, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, they work with nutritionists, health experts, teachers – to promote their version of ‘healthy drinking water’,” says environmentalist Maude Barlow of Plusminus.

Since schoolchildren supposedly drink too little, there is, for example, the “Drinking in Class” campaign. The Mineral Wells Association is behind all this. Coca-Cola distributes seemingly legitimate charts and articles with exaggerated information about dehydration. With its water brands Apollinaris and Bonaqua the group benefits from fear Dehydration.

You should keep this in mind when drinking water

You should avoid water from plastic bottles.
You should avoid water from plastic bottles.
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Instead of forcing yourself to drink water, rely on the feeling of thirst. If possible, do not drink store-bought drinks Water from plastic bottles. It is better if you drink tap water. In Germany yes Water from the tap very good quality. So you can drink it without worries and do something good for yourself, save money and avoid plastic waste and long transportation routes for bottled water.

You can easily carry a water bottle with you to fill when you travel. Here we tell you which ones Drinking bottles are best for traveling I am. In many German cities there are now filling stations, such as shops and restaurants, where you can refill your water bottle. Just pay attention to the charging sticker. A map shows you where you can find gas stations.

Can you drink too much water?

It is also possible to drink too much water. You should not overdo it with drinking, because above a certain amount water dilutes the salts in the blood (electrolytes) too much and in very rare cases can even lead to water poisoning.

There are also heart and kidney diseases that require drinking small amounts. Those affected are informed about this at the time of diagnosis and must adapt their drinking habits accordingly.

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