Finding the House of Pain: Solution and consequences for all decisions in the Shadowheart quest

The walkthrough for the Shadow Heart mission and the House of Sorrow in BG3 can be found here.

To complete your companion Shadowheart’s personal quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to visit the House of Pain in Act 3. You can read here where you can find him, how you survive the fight, what effects your decisions have, and how you use the Mirror of Loss .

Find House of Pain: location on the map

You can find the house in the far northwest of the lower city. The closest fast travel point is “Baldur’s Gate”. Directly to the west is a parallel road between Lady Jannath’s estate and Elerrathin’s house. If you take this road north, you will cross a bridge. Directly behind it is the entrance to the House of Mourning.

  • Coordinates of the House of Mourning: X: -263 Y: -11

Should you take Shadowheart with you?

The House of Mourning is, of course, a Sharite house. So, if Shadowheart still accompanies you, you should definitely take her with you on your personal search for her. This also makes it easier for you to delve into the house of pain.

Inside, talk to the woman behind the counter. If you don’t have Shadow Heart with you, you must accept being released from your pain or sneak past those present. With Shadow Heart in the party, however, you’ll be led straight to a back room with a bench. Sit on it. You can complete the following question yourself or let Shadowheart take control.

House of Sorrow: Complete the Viconia DeVir boss fight

If you now follow the path deeper into the House of Mourning, after a few rooms you will come to a large hall where Viconia and her followers are waiting for you. Your options here depend on the path Shadowheart takes:

  • If you give Shadow Heart to Viconia, she will become your ally for the final battle, but Shadow Heart will permanently leave your party.
  • If Shadowheart has wandered away from Shar and you don’t deliver her, you will have to fight all the Sharites present.
  • Once Shadowheart becomes a Dark Justicar, you can convince some Shariti to fight alongside you against Viconia.

Especially with the Selunite path for Shadowheart, the fight is quite difficult. But we can at least give you some advice:

  • Viconia places a condition on Shadowheart, which causes her to deal critical damage to Shadowheart with every attack. So keep both of them away from each other.
  • The Sharites cast darknessthat it makes you blind and that you are immune to blindness. If you have no sorcerer with the Fel Sight ability, he casts counterspells or attacks the darkness caster to break his concentration.
  • Avoid dazzling damage against Viconia! So it gives you back double the damage dealt. In Tactical mode this applies to all Shariti.
  • Use AoE spells. Due to the sheer number of enemies, any spell that targets several is useful.
  • Retreat to the stairs: Run up the stairs you came from, then all the Shariti have to come from one direction. “Hadar’s Hunger”, “Wall of Fire” or “Ice Storm” at the bottom of the stairs make their life even more difficult.

After the fight you can interact with Viconia to decide her fate. If you let them live, you will get nothing. If you kill her, you can loot a legendary shield and robe from her.

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Also loot all the corpses in the room, because you need them Silver keyto enter the room to the west. Before that, you can explore the northern room to meet Nightshade, an old friend of Shadowheart, and discover some lore.

Save Shadowheart’s parents or not?

The reunion scene only exists if you save Arnell and Emmeline Heiligblatt.

The reunion scene only exists if you save Arnell and Emmeline Heiligblatt.

If you now enter the room to the west, you will meet Shadowheart’s parents and will have to make a decision. There are only two options, but depending on what Shadowheart has decided up to this point, the consequences will change:

Selune Shadow Heart:

  • Save your parents: Shadowheart keeps Shar’s curse, but in exchange you get her parents as NPCs in the camp and a scene with the family during the next long rest.
  • Kill your parents: Shadowheart frees herself from Shar’s influence, but loses her parents, who accompany her like little lights.

If she lets her Shadow Heart make the decision on its own, it will kill her parents at their request. If you want to save them both, you must make a DC 20 Persuasion roll. In terms of gameplay, your choice makes no difference, so choose what feels right.

Dark Justicar Shadowheart:

  • Save your parents: Shar turns away from Shadowheart and gives her memories of Shadowheart torturing her parents. In return you get a nice family scene.
  • Justice your parents: Shadowheart’s parents not only die, but are also tormented by Shar after their deaths. Shadowheart’s memory is wiped, so she has no memory of her parents.

You actually get a gameplay advantage here if you kill Shadowheart’s parents. Then the Dark Justicarers from the previous fight will be at your side as allies in the final battle.

Using the mirror of loss

In the far west of the room you will find a large mirror. Anyone except Shadowheart can use the mirror a permanent bonus of +1 to Charisma and +2 to any attribute obtain. However, some luck is needed, so you should save in advance.

You gain a +1 bonus to Charisma

To do this, select the first option for the mirror: “Look in the mirror to give it one of your memories”. You can now choose an answer linked to one of your attributes, or give up Thayan knowledge if you have read the entire Thay Necromancy – but we don’t recommend the latter option as you will permanently lose the knowledge.

In exchange for the given memory, we get a new one from the mirror. We want them Reminder of a person who should take Stelmane’s place. Only this memory gives us the permanent strengthening of the charism. The memory you will get depends on your luck, so use the fast charging function generously.

You gain a +2 bonus to one attribute

To do this you must choose the second option in the mirror and complete the DC 25 religion check. To do this, you can use the inspiration dice, respecc early to increase your intelligence value or have Shadow Heart roll “improve attribute” about you.

Now give some memories again. You will receive a debuff for this, but you can remove it later. In exchange, you can choose a new memory that permanently increases one of your attributes by +2. Then cast “Break Curse” on the character or take a long rest to eliminate the penalty for giving up memory.

With both attribute upgrades, there is a chance that the mirror will lose interest in you before you can get the permanent bonus. This appears to happen purely randomly, so save often and reload as needed.

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