First training in Las Vegas canceled after a few minutes!

First training in Las Vegas canceled after a few minutes!


Official statement from the FIA

The FIA ​​has now released an official statement and reports: “The inspection showed that the concrete frame around one manhole cover has failed. We now need to check all other manhole covers, which will take some time.”

“We will discuss with the local athletics team how long it will take to resolve the issue and will adjust the program accordingly,” he said.

By the way, Martin Brundle can’t imagine driving again today. “That’s all for today,” predicts the expert Sky.


How flexible are you?

In this case it is actually an advantage that there are no support races this weekend. Helmut Marko explains to Sky: “Thank God there are no support races and we have a time limit.”

In theory, you can postpone or extend sessions as you wish. “I just hope we can resolve the issue quickly from a safety point of view so we can have at least one more training session,” Marko said.

Of Sainz’s accident he himself says: “This could have had fatal consequences.” That is, if the free part could have been thrown upwards and thus become a projectile…


What’s next?

As is known, Martin Brundle believes that it is no longer possible to drive today. But if that were the case, then FT2 could be extended by 30 minutes to make up for lost time.

“We have to be flexible,” explains Red Bull team boss Christian Horner Sky. It would also be conceivable that the timetable would be changed on Saturday if you can actually no longer drive today.

But let’s wait and see for now. “Hopefully it doesn’t take that long,” Horner said.


Insufficient track inspection?

Remember Christian Nimmervoll’s article from yesterday? Our editor-in-chief has already written there:

“It starts with the inspection of the track. FIA race director Niels Wittich was supposed to give the go-ahead on Tuesday, but when he went around the track with his team, in many places it wasn’t even finished or wasn’t in order. conditions that would have allowed Wittich to give the green light to the Grand Prix with a clear conscience.

“So the inspection, or so they say in the paddock, had to be repeated on Wednesday. Strictly speaking – yes, that’s a bit picky – it wasn’t even fixed at the time of the grand opening ceremony (Formula 1 is now making an Olympic move). that the Grand Prix can take place.”

Of course, it’s not clear whether there really is a link. But it’s obvious. Here you can find the complete column!


The one guilty?

Is this the reason for the problems here? Presumably. But even if that were the case, the question would still remain: Is the rest of the route safe? The FIA ​​must be able to guarantee this before the start of FT2.


Ocon’s car was also damaged

It wasn’t just the Ferrari that was hit: an Alpine was also literally destroyed on the track. Esteban Ocon needs a new chassis. This is not only annoying for teams, but is also a cost factor.

Of course, especially in times when costs are limited, it is not possible to use something like this.


Problem with the manhole cover

The FIA ​​has now officially confirmed that this is a problem with a manhole. Apparently it is not possible to solve the problem that quickly, which is why the session was completely interrupted.

What is also possible: It may be that you now want to check the entire route again and not just the point where the Ferrari broke down.

By the way, we hear that Ferrari is in quite a bit of trouble. The mechanics now have many repairs to do before FT2, which is scheduled to start at 9:00 am local time.


FT1: Session aborted

Quick decision by the FIA: the session cannot continue. As feared, there is a bigger problem with the route. This is not how Formula 1 imagined its return to Las Vegas…


FT1: What happened with Sainz?

Ferrari is innocent: the replay shows that Sainz exaggerated something. The car then broke down. The question now is: was it “just” a bump?

On a road course, for example, it could be a manhole that was perhaps not properly secured. And if so, then we should prepare for a longer red phase…

Get all the latest information in the live session ticker!


FT1: red flag

It was a brief pleasure, after less than nine minutes we received the first red flag. However, there was no accident, Sainz simply pounced. A technical problem at Ferrari.

By the way, except Sargeant, all the drivers took to the track at least once. Leclerc is currently ahead with a 1:40.909. But all this will become much faster over the course of the weekend!

Because the track will improve lap after lap. Since there are no support races, the track in FT1 is still completely green. Then it will get faster and faster until the race.

Get all the latest information in the live session ticker!


FT1: Open session ticker now!

FT1 starts in five minutes and, as usual, you can find the most important information, images and rumors here. You can get the full report in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

It’s best to just let both tickers run in parallel as usual. And if you want to know how to watch Formula 1 in Las Vegas live streaming, you can find out here!

A few words about temperatures: With the air temperature currently at 16.7 degrees and the asphalt temperature at 18.8 degrees, it’s not that cold yet. However, temperatures in FT2 may drop again later.


A trip to Las Vegas

Haven’t you seen the Las Vegas course yet before the first training session? Then let the safety car take you on a complete lap of the new track in this video!


Updates in Las Vegas

Before FT1, a quick look at this weekend’s updates: Since the season is almost over, of the ten teams only Alpine, McLaren and Aston Martin have brought little things with them to Las Vegas.

You can read exactly what they are here:


Training day

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live ticker. After yesterday’s media day, today the cars finally take to the new Las Vegas track for the first time!

We start in half an hour with FT1, the second training is scheduled for 9:00 local time. In between there is, as usual, the coach’s press conference.

And here in the ticker, as always, you’ll be very close to the Las Vegas action all day (or in this case, all night)!

Ruben Zimmermann will accompany you throughout today and if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints you can use our contact form. You can also find us on Facebook, X, Instagram and YouTube, and if you have any questions, you can also use our Twitter hashtag #FragMST. Here we are!

Here you can read our ticker from yesterday again!

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