Fleece jacket trends 2023: These models are popular

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Fleece jackets for winter – these comfortable models are trendy

Fleece jackets not only look good, they are also practical

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Anyone who has had to wear a fleece jacket as a child knows about the once-unpopular change to the material. Although synthetic velvet fabric is still said to have an electrifying effect – in the true sense of the word – fleece is one of the must-haves of autumn and winter.

Once upon a time, fleece jackets were about one thing above all else: practicality. Due to its heat-insulating and water-repellent properties, the material was particularly suitable for outdoor activities. The look played no role – until knitted fur, which is usually made of polyester, celebrated its big (fashionable) comeback a few years ago. Since then, the comfortable fleece jackets are not only the ideal everyday companion when temperatures drop, but also look stylish. Below you will find out which comfortable models will be trendy in winter 2023 and how to match them.

1st trend: knitted fleece jackets

Fleece is a practical and functional fabric that previously lacked styling options. The famous comfortable jackets are now a must in everyday life, but also on catwalks around the world. Knitted fleece jackets are especially popular in the cold winter months beige, Grey OR Rosewelcoming and modern at the same time. Thanks to their temperature-regulating properties, the comfortable models can be combined particularly well with skinny jeans and comfortable sneakers.

2nd trend: teddy fleece jackets

This look combines two trends in one fleece jacket: teddy style and animal print. That Lion model they are particularly popular it’s no secret. But combined with plush, this bold style is for daring fashionistas. If the look is a little too wild for you, you can also choose teddy fleece jackets in muted colors. Alternatively, cuddly models are also available Jacket-shirt style OR Ethnic aspect. With this trend, there is something for everyone in autumn and winter 2023.

3rd trend: multicolored fleece jackets

The colorful fleece jackets are a real style break this year. Unlike before, the models are no longer multi-colored, but zippers, elastic bands or pockets in different colors attract everyone’s attention. There are no limits to color combinations. Self Purple-black, Beige-brown OR different shades of green: Combined with an elegant dress or chic high heels, you get the perfect style break. Alternatively, you can of course create a more casual look with colorful fleece jackets.

4th trend: fleece jackets with XL collars

Stand-up collars have become a strong point this season. Therefore it was only a matter of time before fleece jackets with XXL collars arrived. The pioneer is the Bench brand, whose models have become famous precisely because of the extravagant piece of fabric. Whether it has a zip, can be worn or has an additional hood, does not matter in this trend. Fitted jackets are popular, as are oversized looks. Preferably in muted tones like Black AND White OR Navy.

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