General trends 2023: These jumpsuits are popular in summer

General trends 2023: These jumpsuits are popular in summer

Overall Trends: These comfy one-piece dresses will make 2023 cozy

A woman wears denim overalls

This year, long-sleeved denim overalls are particularly popular

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Overalls spent a long time in the workwear department before becoming socially acceptable. Since then, the functional garment has been considered a modern panacea for men and women. We present four trends for this year.

Like many other fashion trends, the general hype came to us from the United States. It is said that at the end of the 19th century the famous jeans manufacturer Levi’s made the one-piece suit accessible to everyone. It’s no surprise why denim-style overalls are still particularly popular today. But other trends have also made the so-called tracksuit a popular item of clothing – in summer and autumn, with the only difference being that the materials and design change slightly as the temperatures drop. We show you four modern styles.

Style 1: Denim overalls

Self cut further OR strict: This year, denim-style jumpsuits belong in every wardrobe. The convertible one-piece dress can be worn in the office, on the street or at the next party. It is sporty with sneakers, comfortable with ballet flats or chic with high heels Denim overallsbecome suitable for daily use. It doesn’t matter if you choose a model short OR long sleeves decide: whatever you like is allowed. Himself Dungarees will be worn again in 2023.

Style 2: Corduroy Jumpsuit

Just like dungarees, corduroy is also celebrating its big fashion comeback in 2023. The roughened or lined cotton material offers high comfort on cold days and still flatters every figure. How about, for example, a short-sleeved corduroy jumpsuit with a short silhouette, high waist and self-tie belt HM? Or do you prefer an elastic cuff with elastic? If you like it even more casual, you can find loose-fitting ones from suppliers like Amazon Corduroy tracksuits.

Style 3: Practical suit

Translated, the word “utility” means something like “useful” – and that is precisely the purpose of this style: practical accessories that make the suit even more comfortable. Such as patch pockets, tabs or buckles, Buttoning or even zippers. In combination with typical colors such as beige, Brown OR Dusty pink and warm ankle boots create the perfect look for cold days. Particularly beautiful are the utility suits with a delicate look Beltthat hugs or emphasizes the waistline.

Style 4: Satin Jumpsuits

If you like something a little more chic, you will surely find one or two one-piece dresses to your liking among the general trends for 2022. This year, for example, they are particularly popular shiny materials like satin, which give the suit an elegant touch. Self with straps, sleeveless, monochrome OR colored – modern satin jumpsuits attract everyone’s attention. The airy and light fabrics do not keep you particularly warm, but they are suitable as chic Party dressfor example at Christmas or New Year.

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