Guardians of the Dream, tons of guides to Patch 10.2 and much more!

With a lot of agile finger work, we have created a miracle of paper printing art for you. MMORE 12/2023 aka the number 190 is ready and will be available for you at your local kiosk from November 17th. There’s so much fun waiting for you that people around you will turn Murloc green when they see you wearing it. Particularly loyal readers who respond to the subscriber’s name receive the MMORE in their inbox even a week earlier! If you’re impatient, you might also consider making us this loyalty promise.

VERY 12/2024

The new edition is the centerpiece of patch 10.2, which recently arrived on the servers. A week later – in line with the release date of the MMORE – the third season of Dragonflight begins. Not only do we provide you with a lot of background information on what happens in the Emerald Dream, but we also provide you with solid guides! We’re focusing on both the Amirdrassil raid and the new Mythic Plus dungeons. With our tips and tricks you’ll be able to crack every timer and destroy every boss! Let’s also look a little outside the box and take a look at Lords of the Fallen and the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail.

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