Harry Kane should receive a secret bonus

Harry Kane is currently scoring non-stop at FC Bayern. Image: dpa / Sven Hoppe


Sven Fröhlich

A quick excursion into mathematics: Bayern spent 95 million euros on Harry Kane in the summer. Or “only” 95 million euros, as honorary president Uli Hoeneß underlined. Kane has scored 21 goals in all competitions so far, meaning each goal so far has cost Bayern just under €4.5 million.

A lot of money for an older player, former national team player Stefan Effenberg said in August: “Just because of his age, he just turned 30, he’s really not worth 100 million anymore.” The price of 100 million was “exorbitantly high,” Effenberg said, adding an important detail: “plus bonus payments.” Because they can also get expensive.

As “Sport Bild” reports, Harry Kane has negotiated a performance-related clause in his contract – worth the equivalent of a Porsche 911: If Kane scores more than 40 points in all competitions combined, he will receive an additional payment of 250,000 euros. Mind you: in addition to his estimated annual salary of 24 million euros.

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FC Bayern: Harry Kane’s clause has a problem

Given his current form, it seems almost inevitable that Tottenham Hotspur’s new signing will actually surpass this mark. Harry Kane currently has a total of 28 scorer points. If you reach further levels, you will receive even more bonuses.

The secret passage also contains a bit of irony: Matches in the first and second rounds of the cup are excluded. Instead, this seems to mean that these two games are considered “too easy” for the objectives to matter much. At the beginning of November, FC Bayern was eliminated in the second round of the cup against third division team 1. FC Saarbrücken.

Harry Kane: Not just a goalscorer, but also a provider

The fact that the clause does not only refer to goals scored, but also involves assists, also demonstrates what role the Bayern managers had in mind for Harry Kane.

Because Kane’s playing style regularly allows him to fall back into midfield and convinces not only with his finishing skills, but also with his overall vision and unselfishness.

FC Bayern Munich Football Annual General Meeting 2023 on November 12, 2023 in the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle in Munich Jan-Christian Dreesen Chairman of the Board of Directors Munich *** FC Bayern Munich Football Annual General Meeting...

Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dresen declined to comment on a possible Harry Kane clause. Image: www.imago-images.de / Revierfoto

However, Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen did not want to confirm this clause to “Sport Bild”: “These are contractual details about which we obviously do not provide any information.” He still speaks highly of the new Bavarian striker.

“Harry not only scores goals at record speed, but his quality also means he ties up opponents, which creates more space for his teammates,” Dreesen said.

The relationship between football professionals and reporters after matches is not always the best. On the one hand there is the emotional player who may have just won or lost a close match and on the other there are the journalists who want to go straight to the analysis of the facts.

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