He talks openly about his relationship status: he’s holding back tears

There’s been some bad vibes between Oliver and Amira Pocher recently.Image: IMAGO Images/Panama Images


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The separation of Amira and Oliver Pocher has been an important topic that continues to flare up for weeks, also because the people involved constantly talk about it in public. Amira and her brother Ibrahim have now launched a new podcast on Podimo, which is called “Liebes Leben” and will appear weekly from now on. It’s no surprise that the first episode is mostly about the separation from Oliver.

The presenter gets particularly excited. At one point she is holding back her tears and her brother takes her in his arms to console her.

Amira Pocher provides details on the end of the marriage

“The last few months have not been easy. Of course it was not easy to record the podcast together with so many private topics,” explains Amira, playing on “Die Pochers!” A. Oliver now sits in front of the microphone with his (other) ex Alessandra Meyer-Wölden; he had previously recorded the format with Amira. Due to a “lack of trust” he no longer wants to work with Amira.

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“We were just having a discussion, then we sat down for an hour and recorded the podcast together.”, the 31-year-old recalls the turbulent last few weeks. He also confirms:

“I’ve been separated for a long time. It’s a long process, unofficially.”

Amira has “not only a few bites on her tongue, but also a few knives in her back. Which shocked me personally and left me exhausted.” Physically and physically he had reached his limits.

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Amira Pocher has experienced difficult weeks.Image: IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA

He also makes accusations against Oliver. According to Amira, the comedian didn’t fight enough for her. “Just because she made two posts on Instagram. Obviously they moved me. But they would have moved me even more if they had come in person. But personally nothing ever came of it“, says the moderator. And it gets even better:

“If Olli had invested as much strength and power and fought for our marriage as he is doing now for his own profit and to make me look completely stupid, then we would still be together.”

Amira herself, however, “has always said everything openly” and has not hidden anything. She also consulted relationship coaches online to save her marriage. “Of course I loved him. He It also hurts a lot when people say that it wasn’t like that. I gave birth to two children with this man and married him,” explains Amira looking at Oliver. Suddenly she holds back tears, her brother offers her comfort.

New relationship? Amira speaks clearly

Incidentally, there is no new man in her life, as Amira makes clear: “I don’t have a new person in my life. The only new person is myself. I reinvented myself, I found myself. The new Amira. “

ARCHIVE - 23 June 2022, Berlin: Amira Pocher at the summer festival Raffaello Summer Day, based on the royal porcelain manufactory.  After the end of the collaboration with her husband O. Pocher...

Amira Pocher is officially single.Image: dpa / Jens Kalaene

After the stress of the last few days he is now looking to the future with optimism. “I’m really in the mood for love right now! I’m ready for love!,” she adds in the podcast. She is looking forward to “butterflies in the stomach”.

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