Horror accident at GZSZ: diagnosis of paraplegia

Horror accident at GZSZ: diagnosis of paraplegia

Diagnosis: paraplegia

Horror accident at GZSZ: Felix van Deventer Jonas’s role ends up in a wheelchair

The role of Felix van Deventer Jonas ends up in a wheelchair - a twist of fate at GZSZ

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Blow of fate at GZSZ

The role of Felix van Deventer Jonas ends up in a wheelchair

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Bad and sad times for Felix van Deventer!

What a big shock for young DJ Jonas (Felix van Deventer). During a concert an accident occurs with devastating consequences. Jonas receives the diagnosis: paraplegia. Felix reveals more about it in the video above.

GZSZ star Felix van Deventer: “This fate is really crazy!”

Jonas loves life and his job as a DJ. At his age you have to celebrate the holidays as they come. Unfortunately, no risk can be ruled out and Jonas is injured so seriously after a fall that he no longer feels his legs after an emergency operation in hospital. Then the shocking diagnosis: he is paraplegic.

A shock – even for the actor Felix van Deventer himself: “This fate is truly terrible! When I first heard about the new story and scripts, I immediately thought of my accident a few years ago. I was just very lucky at the time. I fell a few meters and was on the verge of being paralyzed.”

After the bad fall, Jonas is in hospital. After the bad fall, Jonas is in hospital.

After the bad fall, Jonas is in hospital.


This GZSZ story will show a new Jonas

Yes, even Private Felix had to worry about life without a wheelchair in 2019. Falling from a balcony, he suffered a serious spinal injury and narrowly escaped paralysis.

The story at GZSZ doesn’t end as well as in life, because Jonas will have to make a 180-degree turn in his life. This is where Felix finds a lot of excitement: “We now tell you about a terrible fate that will completely change the life of a young man: a new and different Jonas will emerge and attempt to take a new pathwithout being able to walk. Will he succeed without losing hope? How will those around him react? Who will support him and to what extent will he be able to cope with his new life situation? From now on we will show him on GZSZ and I think he is very handsome!”


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Does GZSZ still have a miracle recovery?

Dominique Moro is the producer of GZSZ and it is important for her to show inclusion and diversity within the series. “Felix has wanted a great story for Jonas for a long time and now he’s gotten it. “It’s a great acting challenge that he manages very well,” says Moro.

Unlike perhaps in real life, in GZSZ it’s easy to convince Jonas to get out of his wheelchair, but that’s exactly what Dominique doesn’t want. This time there will be no miracle cure. “For us it is important to demonstrate that life in a wheelchair is different, but no less worth living. Of course, Jonas must first overcome the shock of no longer being able to walk. But then he will accept his new life and grow beyond himself.”

Episodes of GZSZ featuring Jonas’ accident can be seen on TV from November 14. Episodes are available to watch on RTL+ one week early. (rga)

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