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HSV shows its away face in 2:4 at Holstein Kiel | NDR.de – Sports

To: November 11, 2023 4:04 pm

Hamburger SV failed to catch up with league leaders FC St. Pauli in the 2nd Bundesliga. In the away match against Holstein Kiel on Saturday, HSV lost 2:4 (0:1) and failed to take advantage of the Kiezkicker’s mistake.

by Florian Neuhauss

Even though the journey north lasted only an hour, the guests showed their absent faces in Kiel again. Despite not losing a point at the Volksparkstadion, HSV only managed to win once on a foreign pitch after the seventh game. And KSV Holstein should have defeated the Hanseatic League more clearly.

“The way we win the game is very positive for us. Regardless of who the opponent is. But especially with the opponent.”
Steven Skrzybski of Holstein Kiel

The goals from Steven Skrzybski (20th/penalty foul) and Benedikt Pichler (57th) to make it 2-0 were the least important given the multitude of chances. Robert Glatzel brought his team back into the game with a double goal (71st/80th), but Kiel showed no nerves. Former Hamburg player Finn Porath (83rd) and Jonas Sterner (88th) ensured Kiel’s deserved victory.

KSV remains HSV’s feared opponent: in eleven second division duels they achieved only one victory. In the table, Kiel moved up from the relegation place and came within one point of second-placed Hamburg. From the FC St. Pauli’s draw against Hannover 96 on Friday evening closed HSV’s gap from first place to three points.

HSV goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes: “Simply not enough”

“Today we did not have a good performance and achieved little of what we set out to do. Our individual mistakes were immediately punished,” HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes said angrily, adding clearly. “If you look at the whole 90 minutes, it’s just not enough.”

Tim Walter didn’t mince words either. “We made too many mistakes and defended ourselves very poorly. If the opponent takes advantage of it: congratulations,” grumbled the HSV coach, who said he was “disappointed and a little angry.” But Walter doesn’t want to know anything about the obvious weakness on the road: “It has nothing to do with home or away. Today we were simply terrible in defense. We would have also lost the game in Hamburg.”

Kiel's Steven Skrzybski (l.) celebrates his goal.  © Imago Images Photo: Marcel von Fehrn

AUDIO: Kiels Skrzybski: “Incredibly proud of the team” (2 min)

In football, one person’s suffering is often another person’s joy, and so Kiels Skrzybski said: “It was a very emotional match. But I am also incredibly proud of the team, of how they managed to recover after the two blows to the neck. How winning the match counts “Very good for us. Regardless of who the opponent is. But above all with the opponent.”

Kiel don’t make enough use of their opportunities

The northern duel on the fjord had gathered momentum only very slowly. And the Kiel attack that led to the 1-0 goal looked anything but promising. HSV defender Dennis Hadzikadunic headed the cross from the right towards neighbor Miro Muheim. But in this situation the left back changed gear too slowly. Kiel’s Lewis Holtby intervened and gratefully accepted the tap on his ankle – penalty! Skrzybski stepped up and sent goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes into the wrong corner: 1-0 for Kiel (20th).

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As a result it became increasingly clear that the HSV defense lacked coordination. After Stephan Ambrosius was unavailable, the back four was on its seventh different lineup in the 13th game of the season. Skrzybski’s shot whistles just beyond the far corner (35′). Two minutes later Timo Becker broke through on the right and Guilherme Ramos cleared Fiete Arp in the center at the last moment. And shortly afterwards Muheim was lucky not to score an own goal in the crowd (41′). The possibilities of HSV? Coach Walter’s team did not receive more than a cross from dompé which got longer and longer and then ended up at the outside post.

Pichler rewards Kiel for a strong game

And after Dompé wasted the first chance of the second half, the score was 2-0 again. At first Ramos Kiel just disturbed Pichler, who was ready to shoot – and perhaps shouldn’t have complained about the penalty whistle (48th). Then Colin Kleine-Bekel put a header wide from a great position (50′) and Hadzikadunic just blocked Pichler’s shot (51′).

Precisely in this pressure phase the HSV has almost stabilized. After a cross from William Mikelbrencis, Glatzel headed past goalkeeper Timon Weiner. But Marko Ivezic gets in the way and clears it with the help of the bottom edge of the crossbar (53′). And before the wear and tear of Kiel’s chances could really take their revenge, Pichler took his next chance to make it 2-0. Holtby sends the Austrian steep and curves Ramos like a slalom pole: he takes the ball with his right and puts it in with his left, unstoppable for Heuer Fernandes (57th).

KSV finds the right response to HSV’s double blow

As we have seen many times, Hamburg tried to turn the situation around in the final stage after a disappointing match. And as often happens, it was Glatzel who brought his team back into the game. After a cross from Muheim, he arrived completely free to head from five meters-1:2 (71st). And just nine minutes later everything was open again. This time Bakery Jatta crosses and Glatzel heads into the empty net because goalkeeper Weiner made a big miscalculation.

But the euphoria made the Hamburgers lose their minds. Instead of judiciously using the momentum to their advantage, they allowed themselves to be thwarted. Among them, the two former HSV players Arp, who asserted himself brilliantly and played the right pass, and Porath, who had just been replaced, struck Hamburg to the core. Porath runs freely towards Heuer Fernandes and hits the ball into the net to give Kiel the lead again (83′). Five minutes later the home team’s victory was perfect: after a lot of racket in the HSV penalty area, Sterner scored the final 4-2 (88′). Arp almost increased the score to 5:2 in injury time – Heuer Fernandes saved – and a victory with three goals difference would have been deserved.

13th day, 11 November 2023 at 1pm

Holstein Kiel


Hamburger SV



  • 1:0
    Skrzybski (20th, penalty)

Holstein Kiel:
Weiner – Ivezic, Kleine-Bekel, Komenda (67. Rothe) – M. Schulz (75. Porath) – T. Becker, Holtby, Sander – Skrzybski (67. Sterner), Pichler (85. Remberg), Arp

SV Burgers:
This year Fernandes – Mikelbrencis (61st Königsdörffer), Ramos (74th Heyer), Hadzikadunic, Muheim – Meffert – Pherai (69th Poreba), Benes – Jatta, Glatzel, Dompé (61st Németh)

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