Kai Pflaume reacts with shame to the quiz question in the show

Kai Pflaume isn’t actually known for verbal abuse.Image: ARD/Morris Mac Matzen


Jennifer Ullrich

In the November 13 edition “Who knows such a thing?” a journalistic duel occurred: Hanna Zimmermann and Christian Sievers actually presented the news together in “heute journal”, but they challenged each other in quiz format. Zimmermann played with Elton, Sievers tried his luck together with Bernhard Hoëcker.

After a few minutes, however, it was host Kai Pflaume who drew attention to the show. The 56-year-old suddenly found himself faced with an explosive question.

Kai Pflaume with a powerful expression on ARD

A question posed to Sievers and Hoëcker in the “Film and Television” category concerned the release of films for ages 13 and up in the US. Specifically, it was a condition that must be satisfied in these cases. The options:

  • In nude scenes at least one buttock must be covered
  • the word “fuck” can only be used once
  • In total a maximum of ten milliliters of blood should be visible

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Pflaume casually read the question and the possible answers, but then horror set in. “Did I really say ‘fuck’ on television?” the presenter asked himself and put his hand to his mouth in embarrassment. He then stated:

“I’ve never said that on TV before!”

Bernhard Hoëcker had already burst out laughing at this point, but Pflaume did not let the moment go. “Can we beep, please?”he turned to the ARD editorial team, but apparently his wish was not granted.

Subsequently the Hoëcker/Sievers couple was finally able to answer the question. After thinking about it for a while, they went with the first option with the nude scenes – and they were wrong. In fact, if there is a PG-13 rating in the USA, the word “fuck” can only be uttered once in the film.

Elton and Hanna Zimmermann win

“What?”, Bernhard Hoëcker was stunned after the dissolution, to which Pflaume replied succinctly: “Americans are like that.” In any case, at that point he no longer uttered the word critical (for him).

Even after that, things did not go optimally for Hoëcker and Sievers. The two answered correctly the final question about the literary source of the musical “West Side Story”, but Elton and Hanna Zimmermann also chose the correct answer (“Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare). Since they were already ahead after the regular round, this meant outright victory.

Things get especially promising with “Who Knows Something Like This?” Among other things, again on November 17th, when the two stars of “7 vs. Wild” Knossi and Sascha Huber. We can only hope that the questions are more pleasant for Kai Pflaume.

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer split last year. The make-up artist said of the breakup at the time: “We both realized that the relationship had just changed. It wasn’t an overnight decision to separate, we had lots of conversations.” The farmer’s behavior caused scandal, especially in the “Summer House of the Stars”. The two took part in the show and even won the format, but Patrick stood out above all for his bad conduct.

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