Loki’s new role in the MCU comes at a high price for the Marvel god

Loki’s new role in the MCU comes at a high price for the Marvel god

The second season and probably also the series finale of “Loki” create new conditions in the MCU multiverse. But have we really seen the last of Loki here?


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– Warning: spoilers for the second season of “Loki” follow! –

The most ambitious series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) appears to have come to an end. Is that End of Season 2 of “Loki” presented to the fans. After all the failed attempts to stabilize the Time Frame or save the One Who Remains (Jonathan Majors), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) saw only one way to save the lives of his friends; but this entailed a great sacrifice on his part.

Loki’s glorious ambition actually became a burden and he ended up sitting on his throne, but certainly completely different from how he had imagined it during his campaign of conquest in “The Avengers”. For the Time Frame, which allowed the TVA to destroy all realities except the True Timeline, the God of Practical Jokes… replaced himself and thus became the God of stories. Loki thus liberated the multiverse and allowed the different timelines to exist simultaneously without the risk of everything except the True Time Stream being destroyed.

As the camera zooms in on Loki’s throne, from which he keeps all realities alive with his magic, we also see the clustered timelines take on a familiar shape: that of a tree.

The allusion shouldn’t go unnoticed by many MCU fans, as Marvel is once again using Norse mythology here. We are talking about Yggdrasil, the world tree. This connects the nine worlds, which include Asgard and Migdard, also known as our Earth. The concept of Yggdrasil was already established in the MCU “Thor” films; “Loki” tops it off, as Yggdrasil now represents the entire multiverse.

This video explains how the multiverse works in the MCU:

The multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe explained

It all feels like a farewell to the MCU’s Loki

However, Loki’s new role as the God of the stories raises the question of whether this is the last time we see him in the MCU. Emotionally and in terms of content, it would definitely make sense. After all, his greatest fear was being alone. This is exactly the case now that Loki has made the selfless decision to sacrifice himself for the well-being and free will of his friends. If he could leave at any moment, it would undermine the entire meaning of the ending. Above all because his role also seems clear: he must keep realities alive. If he left, the timelines would probably die again and the multiverse would dissolve.

“Tom [Hiddleston] portrays the pain, sadness, and happiness of this scene so perfectly, all at once. After everything she’s just been through, she can watch her friends live their lives with free will.

In the meantime, the same actor also commented on the ending:

Reading recommendation

Andreas Engelhardt

If that’s too depressing for you: Maybe Loki can at least go back to previous points thanks to his time warp and thus at least spend time in the past with Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Co. He’d like it to be a change. Especially because in the multiverse there are other variations of Loki who, in addition to alligators, could sometimes also be played by Tom Hiddleston. Officially, the goal of the series was to prepare a reunion with Loki and his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth). However, it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen.

Loki’s decision could also impact the next MCU project: the second season of “Marvel’s What If…?” is expected to appear in Christmas 2023. This once again introduces us to popular MCU stories with a crucial twist; the multiverse makes it possible. You can watch new episodes of the animated series on Disney+, where the first season and many other Marvel highlights are already available. You can get a subscription to the streaming service here. How good you are to God of practical jokes In the meantime, you can find out who knows the stories in our quiz:

“Loki” quiz: how well do you know the Marvel character?

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