Lola Weippert settles scores with the fashion industry – and receives criticism

Lola Weippert settles scores with the fashion industry – and receives criticism


Updated November 9, 2023, 12:37 pm

Lola Weippert settles scores with the fashion world. At that time she was treated as a “product that had defects”. The presenter mostly gets support for her honest insight, but one detail makes fans sit up and take notice.

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moderator Lola Weippert not only did she take off her clothes during a photo shoot, but she also provided insight into her beginnings as a model.

The 27-year-old doesn’t only have positive words for her work: “Modeling should be treated with caution,” Weippert begins in her Instagram post.

She also posted a video showing her doing a photoshoot in Amsterdam. In it she reveals that she started modeling at the age of twelve. But then she “already had many complexes”, said the presenter. The backstory: “At that time in my dossier it said that please not be used in short clothes – i.e. shorts or skirts – because my body was too muscular and masculine.”

Lola Weippert is now selecting her modeling jobs

She was also told she had “arm hair that was too long,” a “face that was too broad” and “fingers that weren’t gentle enough.” “Back then I was like a product that had flaws and this was communicated to me so openly,” criticizes Weippert.

Under the video, she adds that she quickly realized it wasn’t healthy for her mental health. “Now I model in parallel, I can make clear choices and only choose modeling jobs where I don’t have to be ashamed or hide, but can show myself for who I am,” says Weippert.

Model at twelve: Lola Weippert receives criticism

The moderator received extremely positive feedback for her contribution. “Very well written,” one user commented. “Your message is so important, especially for girls. How many times do you see and hear about ideals worth fighting for” [sic]. Above all, no normal woman should compare herself to models,” says another.

But one aspect was also criticized: “Why do you let your son be a model at 12?”, asks a user under the post. And he’s not alone in this. “A 12 year old in the fashion world? He can’t be healthy,” says another comment. Another user thinks: “Well it can’t be that bad…if you think about being a model at 12…at 12!!!!!, sorry…at 12 I was thinking of something else? If you’re 12 It was so important…I don’t know…and everyone has a different ‘type’, it’s clear that they choose it and pay attention to certain details…otherwise everyone could be a model [sic].”

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Lola Weippert opened up about stress in her latest Instagram posts, revealing, among other things, that she “usually (if she doesn’t take a break) just takes a break” when she goes to bed. Now the RTL presenter is taking action. © ProSiebenSat.1

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