Lose weight without carbohydrates: 5 alternative foods

Lose weight without carbohydrates: 5 alternative foods

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Low carbs are said to help reduce weight. Find out here what delicious alternatives there are to pasta, rice, etc.

“Low carb” is a diet that follows the principle of low carbohydrate and high fat loss. According to the, people who want to lose weight should follow this diet Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta and other grain products, as well as juices, sodas, sweets and alcohol. Instead, you can eat more protein and fatty foods such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs and nuts. If you find it difficult to give up carbohydrates, you can suppress your cravings with some alternative foods.

Lose weight: Five foods are good alternatives to carbohydrates

Classic Italian pasta usually consists of carbohydrate-rich white flour tagliatelle. To lose weight, however, pasta with chickpeas is better. © Nakedking/IMAGO

With a carbohydrate avoidance diet, there will of course always be phases where you will experience cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods. This phenomenon is also called “carbohydrate craving” – the insatiable desire for foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates. These include, for example, pasta, rice or sweets. To successfully avoid an attack from such avid hunters or to prevent it from occurring in the first place, you should do so loudly fitforfun.de Therefore use the following alternatives:

  1. Chickpea and lentil flour instead of white flour: If you are on a diet you should switch from the classic white flour pasta to pasta with lentil or chickpea flour. These contain much more protein. Spaghetti made from vegetables, such as courgettes, are also suitable. They are also called “zoodles” and are a delicious alternative to carbohydrate-rich noodles.
  2. Quinoa instead of rice: Just like pasta, rice can also be replaced with low-carb foods. After eating rice, it can trigger cravings and cravings for more carbohydrates because it is converted into sugar in the body. You can therefore choose quinoa as an alternative. The so-called pseudo-grain provides more healthy fats, proteins and vitamin B than white rice.
  3. Sweet potato was in place of potatoes: Sweet potatoes contain a lot of fiber. These help stop carb cravings. They are therefore also a good alternative to the classic potato if you want to lose a few kilos.
  4. Hemp seeds instead of granola: Since magnesium deficiency can also lead to carbohydrate cravings, you need to make sure you cover your long-term needs through a healthy diet. Hemp seeds can help you with this because they contain a particularly high amount of magnesium. For example, sprinkle them on granola for breakfast in the morning or use them to enrich soups and salads.
  5. Peppers and carrots instead of fruit: Since fruit contains fructose and can therefore make you fat, you can snack on strips of peppers and carrots instead of apple slices. They are particularly suitable in the evening, for example in front of the TV, as a good alternative to a snack when losing weight. Unlike an apple (20 grams of sugar), a red chili pepper contains only half as much sugar. If you don’t want to be without fruit, you should eat it in the morning if possible.

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