Monaco suspects coffee fraud in large bakery chain – spokesperson explains

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Does a well-known bakery giant take money from its customers’ pockets with the cup trick? At least that’s what one customer says in a video. The bakery responds.

Munich – For many people, a visit to the bakery in the early hours of the morning has been part of the daily routine for some time. After all, drinking as much coffee as possible should quickly give your body the energy it needs before work. But rumors continue to circulate online warning of the cup trick.

A large Bavarian bakery is also said to be cheating on cup sizes and thus taking money out of its customers’ pockets every day. At least that’s what a Facebook user from Munich claims, who now expresses his disappointment in a video message.

Via video: A man complains about the size of the coffee

In the Munich video in the foreground there are two cups: a small one and a large one. The “Ihle” brand is unmistakably imprinted on the paper cups in large white letters on a red background. For over 125 years the Swabian country bakery has been offering its customers not only sweet and savory snacks but also drinks, according to the company’s website.

But it’s clear at first glance: the large cup filled with latte macchiato is only three-quarters full. The author of the video message therefore feels uncomfortable just looking at it. “That’s what they call big,” he says sarcastically as he slowly pours the contents of the large cup into the smaller one.

“The big fits 100% to the small,” the user is heard prophesying during the campaign. And indeed: the cup is full. This means: same content at different prices?

“This is a complete rip-off,” the video’s author comments in his post. The apparently deceived person receives a lot of support from the Facebook community. “This is beyond bullshit,” we read several times in the comments.

The large bakery responds to the accusations

But the accusation does not go unnoticed by the Ihle baking giant. When questioned by the editorial team, the chain provided a long explanation to justify the choice of cup sizes. Accordingly in the branches there are two cup sizes for coffee, latte macchiato and cappuccino, but not for latte macchiato.

“We only offer lattes in one format. Both at the bar and outside the home. Here our measurement is the glass with approximately 330 ml. It sits between the regular 250ml cup and the large 400ml cup. There is only one prize up for grabs,” explains the spokesperson for the town’s bakery. The price of the standard Macchiato is around 3.40 euros.

A customer complains via video message about the size of a bakery’s coffee: the contents of the large cup also fit into the small one. ©Facebook

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Meaning: Since the latte macchiato is served, as in this case, in a 0.4 liter cup, the paper cup does not have to be filled to the brim. This means that the contents fit even in the smallest package size. “This has been a compromise we have had to make for many years so as not to have to list too many packing items.”

After customer complaint about coffee size: bakery checks

However, Ihle does not want to completely rule out an accident. Basically, “a malfunction, a low milk container or an inattentive employee” are also possible. The chain now wants to look into the complaint.

“Clear communication and consistent products are always very important to us. “Also an apology if a mistake was made,” the bakery writes in conclusion. A small consolation for the astonished visitor to the bakery.

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