November 11, 2023 Hotfix for Superbloom, Forest Lord Antlers, and more

from Sara Petzold
The WoW developers have once again installed a hotfix package on the WoW live servers. The November 11, 2023 mini-patch fixes several bugs related to Super Flower reward chests, makes a change to the Forest Lord’s horns, and fixes some class bugs.

Shortly after the release of WoW patch 10.2, the developers once again uploaded a large hotfix package to the Dragonflight live server. This time the mini-update deals with various class bugs and issues with the reward chests you get in connection with the Super Bloom event. Additionally, the developers have decided that the Horns of the Forest Lord toy will continue to be the reward for the Treasures of the Emerald Dream achievement. The Keep Dreaming meta-objective, for which the reward was originally intended, should be replaced.

You can read the English patch notes for the November 11, 2023 hotfixes below.

WoW Patch 10.2: Hoftixes November 11, 2023 – Official Patch Notes


  • The Treasures of the Emerald Dream once again rewards the Horns of the Forest Lord.
    Developer Notes: While this was originally supposed to be the reward for the Dream On quest, a bug caused it to be rewarded with the Treasures of the Emerald Dream quest, so we’ll leave it there permanently and look for something else potentially rewarding for Dream On.



  • Caretaker
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Innate Resolve from correctly increasing the healing of Frenzy Regeneration.
  • Restoration
    • Bounty stacks will no longer incorrectly decrease if you happen to have more active Refreshments than the maximum number of Bounty stacks.


  • Fixed an issue that caused summoners to lose 10 item levels when using a buff.

Emerald goodness

  • Fixed an issue with the Scurfpea Flower Chest not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue where Dream Daisys could report an active chest that you didn’t have.
  • Dragon Narcissus should no longer occasionally report an active chest that isn’t present.
  • The Lavatouched Lilies UI should now correctly reflect contributions.


  • Reduced the Spirit effect on Infused Coldcloth Slippers by 70%.
    Developer Notes: After reviewing the performance of this effect, we decided to tone it down slightly so as not to obscure other objects to the extent that it is. While this is a fun effect that will remain, we feel that these slippers should not necessarily be a required optimization for healers.


  • Alternate player characters can now complete the “Fire Drill Dryad” world quest without completing Chapter 1.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Hunter Class Hall campaign mission “Survive the Night” from completing.

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