Oliver Pocher and Sandy gossip about the countryside no longer following Amira

Oliver Pocher and Sandy gossip about the countryside no longer following Amira

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Amira unfollowed her ex Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden on Instagram and made headlines. The comedian takes the opportunity to shoot the presenter again.

Update November 10: Oliver Pocher (45) has been having problems with his ex Amira (31) for a few weeks now. Also in the joint podcast the comedian replaced her with his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden (40). In the last episode the two talked about the fact that Amira recently no longer follows them on Instagram – and they have a clear opinion on the matter.

Amira unfollows Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden: she finds it ‘ridiculous’

For Sandy, Amira’s action was an “irrational decision.” “When emotions are involved (…) this can happen,” she says in “The Pochers! Just recycled. Olli takes a tougher stance against her. “This is such crazy bullshit to unfollow yourself. The only thing left is to set your profile to private.”, gets angry. For him the whole thing is “ridiculous”. “On the podcast we were always making fun of these breakup stories and people unfollowing each other and all that same stuff. I will delete all the photos of him and then unfollow him.”he remembers.

Sandy Meyer-Wölden poses;  Amira Pocher looks amazed;  Oliver Pocher looks serious
Amira unfollowed her ex Oliver Pocher and Sandy Meyer-Wölden on Instagram and made headlines. In the podcast, the comedian takes this opportunity to take another shot at the host. © IMAGO / Spöttel Picture & IMAGO / Future Image & IMAGO / Future Image

Above all, the fact that Amira made the news is a thorn in Oliver Pocher’s side. “She may think I’m shit, she may think you’re shit, […] But do it in three months if no one notices. Then it’s no longer a big story,” criticizes the 45-year-old.

First report from November 7: Cologne – No one would have thought that the marriage of Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (31) would end so badly. In mid-August the celebrity couple announced in the joint podcast “Die Pochers” that they would go their separate ways. The stars wanted to remain a unit both privately and professionally. “We will — hopefully — continue to be a team and continue to be there for you as a podcast couple,” Amira assured listeners at the time.

Amira Pocher virtually announces her friendship with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden

About two weeks ago Oliver Pocher announced the end of the joint project and even had a replacement ready. The replacement is none other than his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (40). With the model, the TV star now hosts the podcast “Die Pochers! Just recycled. A slap in the face for Amira, who after all was a close friend of Meyer-Wölden. The two women even went on vacation together and decided to spend a lot of time with their blended family.

Now Amira Pocher has drawn conclusions: the former “Let’s Dance” candidate has unfollowed her former best friend on Instagram. Apparently she no longer wants to see the 40-year-old’s updates on her feed. Shortly after the separation, Amira had already stopped following her husband.

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden doesn’t want to “speak badly” of Amira Pocher

Alessandra Meyer-Wölden tried to remain neutral in the podcast episode. She had assured Amira in advance “that I didn’t want to shoot at her, that it wasn’t my intention to make anyone feel bad at all.” However she now seems to have made a mistake with the Austrian.

Amira Pocher looks serious;  Sandy Meyer-Wölden poses
Oliver and Amira Pocher’s marriage is history, and so is their podcast. Now the presenter seems to want to take revenge on Sandy Meyer-Wölden, who replaced her in “Die Pochers”. © IMAGO / Panama Images & IMAGO / APress

The tense situation does not appear to be easy for anyone involved. In the podcast with Oliver Pocher Sandy Meyer-Wölden even burst into tears. Sources used: Instagram/ amirapocher, Instagram/ oliverpocher, “The Pochers! Just recycled”

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