One Piece: There are two inseparable companions in Luffy’s crew

One Piece: There are two inseparable companions in Luffy’s crew

Two of the most faithful companions of Luffy’s crew are the swordsman Zorro and the cook Sanji. For some reason the two don’t like each other, but they are there for their team in times of need. To further reflect this unusual rivalry, the One Piece manga included a fun detail.

How does the rivalry between the two manifest itself? The two constantly argue and provoke each other. This leads to funny situations where Nami often becomes the mediator of arguments.

Both Zoro and Sanji are very strong members of Luffy’s crew. In the great MeinMMO ranking we place them in the top three places among the strongest members of the crew.

Zoro is one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece, while Sanji wipes out most opponents with his kicks. They are therefore measured only by their own strength and compete to see who can defeat more opponents than the other.

The One Piece Netflix series also portrays their rivalry well:

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Zoro and Sanji have nicknames for each other

What is this fun detail? To underline the rivalry between the two, creator Eiichiro Oda added one thing: Zorro doesn’t call Sanji by his name even once in the manga. The swordsman never said the chef’s name, but always invented nicknames for him. Conversely, it already happened once that Sanji called Zoro by name.

Zoro mostly makes fun of the fact that Sanji likes to cook in his free time. For example, this is what he calls Sanji:

  • Frying pan swinger
  • Spoon swinger
  • Bean counter
  • Onion cutter

He’s used Sanji’s crown-shaped eyebrow as an insult before. But Sanji doesn’t let it go and counters with nicknames, which usually revolve around the color of Zorro’s hair:

  • Moss bulb
  • Spinach skull
  • Sabreheini
  • Sword swinger

Also, when things heat up, fewer creative insults like “idiot” are used. By the way, Zorro already mentioned Sanji by name in the anime, so the detail only applies to the manga, which appears weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump.

You can see their rivalry in the following tweet from dieem131:

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Who am I really? Zoro is the first official member of Luffy’s pirate gang, who had to fight Mister 7 before joining the Straw Hats’ gang. He initially is a bounty hunter who makes his living by delivering pirates. But when he joins Luffy’s gang, he suddenly becomes a pirate too.

Sanji is a talented cook. In battle he only uses his legs because he needs his hands for cooking. Sanji actor Taz Skylar also discovered this when he had to train for several hours a day for the Netflix series.

They both have a lot to thank Luffy for, which is why they have sworn eternal loyalty to him and support him on his path to becoming the Pirate King.

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