Patch 10.2’s coolest mounts, pets, and toys

We have long dreamed (ha!) of finally being able to visit the Emerald Dream in WoW, in a real manifestation, not as a small example. As a result, patch 10.2 “Guardians of the Dream” is a celebration for many fans, not only lore enthusiasts, but also collectors. Because even the world of dreams is home to countless creatures and peculiarities. As a result, we will show you our latest releases in the field of mounts, pets and toys. Most of them are available for special achievements (such as objectives and quests) or in exchange for special currencies: dream brews and seed flowers (in Talisa’s case, whisper flowers). You can loot and earn these currencies through a variety of activities in the new Emerald Dream zone. But the supplies from the Dragon Islands are also used by the Moon Priestess Lasara. All three trader NPCs can be found in the main camp near the young Amirdrassil world tree in the center of the area.

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