Review of Little Goody Two Shoes – Nintendo Switch – ntower

Review of Little Goody Two Shoes – Nintendo Switch – ntower

We all know them, not everyone loves them: fairy tales. The stories, which blend reality and fantasy, give space to creativity and also allow escape into worlds very similar to ours. The title Little Goody Two Shoes is along the same lines. However, what you can expect is not a happy love story, but rather a narrative embellished with mysterious characters and horror aspects that is unlikely to be seen twice. Below you will find out what the game’s great strengths are and why the game starts up particularly slowly.

The cutscenes look great

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The story of the game begins in a typical way of a magical fairy tale. One day, the main protagonist Elise finds a pair of red shoes buried in her garden, which she obviously puts on right away. Also appears a mysterious person named Rozenmarine, whom Elise takes care of and takes in. Otherwise, Elise goes about her day and helps the local villagers with their daily needs. Of course, this does not happen without ulterior motives, as Elise needs the villagers’ money to buy bread or pretzels to replenish her energy and satisfy her hunger.

Both are attributes that gradually decrease as a result of daily activities. Not only does this happen automatically throughout the day, but each task also puts a strain on Elise’s strength. These tasks are very fun and varied little minigames, although in essence they offer very simple gameplay. In addition to these, Elise will also be able to spend time with some villagers and experience events, in which dates will play a special role. You have the opportunity to sacrifice time out of your day to spend time with female characters, which can develop into little love stories. As heartfelt as these moments may be, Elise’s nighttime excursions are equally frightening.

What secrets are hidden in the village?

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There he wanders the surrounding forests with surreal creatures and environments, which bring with them an atmospheric horror touch. You should especially keep an eye on your energy bar, because monsters will knock it down faster than you’d like. Death on screen is definitely one of the game’s recurring moments, but it also adds a huge amount of charm. Since the save points are overall neatly distributed, you usually only have to replay smaller sections of the game. The nights not only offer all sorts of scares to experience, but there are also little puzzles to solve. These fit very well into a harmonious setting and always demand a lot from you.

Now you can imagine what has been described as the basic construct that is offered to you as a player. What you do with it is largely up to you. There’s no way around some part-time jobs, as Elise needs food. It’s up to you to decide whether to spend the remaining time on dating, earn more money or do other activities. However, there is also the difficulty that the villagers start asking questions and you should attract as little attention as possible so that they do not suspect that something is wrong with you. So you’ll see one of the game’s ten different endings faster than you’d like.

An impressive mix of genres

The overall package of daily tasks and nightly excursions is extremely appealing, which is why I would like to highlight the special nature of the game at this point. Once you embark on the adventure, it’s hard to get out again. Only the beginning of the game is very slow due to the long conversations and explanations, which is why I really had to push it forward because I already found out before my test that there is a great game behind it. If you get past this point, Elise’s story will surely delight you.

Another major obstacle, however, is the English text on the screen. Some of these are not easy to understand with basic knowledge, so some interesting dialogue goes unnoticed. Otherwise you can’t complain about the technical implementation, which is particularly impressive in large cinematics. If these small and large criticisms don’t bother you, you will experience an adventure lasting about ten hours, which will keep you glued to the screen for even longer thanks to the different endings.

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