Tennis ATP Finals Turin: N. Djokovic vs.  J. Sinner – Live Ticker – Green Group – 2023

Tennis ATP Finals Turin: N. Djokovic vs. J. Sinner – Live Ticker – Green Group – 2023

  • 10.13pm

    Djokovic-Sinner 5:7, 0:0

    With the score at 15:15, Sinner tries the lob. But Djokovic does well, jumps to the net and leaves no doubts in hitting the ball.

  • 10.12pm

    Conclusion sentence one

    After everything seemed like a fast and even game at the beginning, the first set developed enormously. There aren’t many long rallies, that is, over nine shots, but both conceded break points against each other. Both are also close in terms of statistics, so only nuances decided who won the set. Sinner was a little braver towards the end and managed to get into the Serbian’s head. It remains very exciting to see whether the 22-year-old can carry this momentum into the second set or whether Djokovic responds immediately.

  • 10.09pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:7

    And Sinner also scores his eighth point in a row. There are three match points for the Italian. The first serve flies just out of bounds, but Sinner can do a lot of damage even with the second serve. Djokovic then underestimates Sinner’s forehand, loses his balance and the ball remains on his side. This brings a total of nine points for the local hero, who effectively wins the first set without a tiebreak!

  • 10.07pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:6

    Sinner recognizes that Novak Djokovic is defensive and steps forward. The volley flies into the Serbian’s corner, but is played so well that the lob ends up out of bounds, 30-0 from Sinner’s point of view.

  • 10.06pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:6

    Will Sinner be able to confirm the break and take the first set? He can resist the Serbian’s baseline punches, but not only that! He even makes his opponent lose balance, so much so that his forehand ends up in the net.

  • 10.05pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:6

    Pressure for Sinner? It seems she doesn’t know. He smashes the return cross right into the corner and follows up with the forehand again into the same corner. Djokovic stretches, but he can’t do anything anymore. After 40:0, Jannik Sinner brings five points to his team and only needs one step to win the first set.

  • 10.03pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:5

    At this stage Djokovic’s first serve weakens slightly. And not only! The world number one produces the first double fault of the match, which also means a break point.

  • 10.02pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:5

    Played well! Sinner remains courageous and opts for the backhand forehand again. As a result, the Serbian can only clear a high ball and Sinner works hard to equalize. Is there still a possible breakup?

  • 10.01pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:5

    After three quick points in a row, including ace number six, Jannik Sinner hits his backhand right on the baseline. Djokovic was on the right track and can no longer do anything. The Serbian also dares to take a step forward in the next event. This time he is overcome by Sinner’s backhand longline, 40:30.

  • 9.57pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:5

    The world number one leaves something more in this phase of the game. Two unforced errors later, Sinner has the draw off his bat. The serve flies to the center for a service winner. Both are moving decisively towards the tie-break.

  • 9.55pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:4

    It hurts! Djokovic expects Sinner’s cross on the forehand and is ready. In fact, Sinner is looking at this very curve. Djokovic created his forehand to take the lead at 30:15. Is there a preliminary decision in the first sentence?

  • 9.54pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:4

    Jannik Sinner now fights against losing the set. The outgoing serve doesn’t turn into an ace, but Djokovic’s forehand return doesn’t clear the net.

  • 9.52pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 5:4

    The service to the center ends up on Sinner’s forehand again. He pushes the ball into the net and once again there is a zero-zero service game.

  • 9.51pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 4:4

    Djokovic follows suit with another ace. Now there are five aces for the Serbian and six for the Italian. Furthermore, Djokovic’s first serve percentage is just under 73%.

  • 9.49pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 4:4

    Djokovic takes all the risks with his forehand cross and isn’t rewarded for it. The ball falls slightly but clearly into touch.

  • 9.48pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 4:3

    After two quick points for Sinner, the Italian moves his forehand behind the baseline. But this doesn’t interest him, because with the outside serve ahead he books the next ace and from his point of view it’s 40:15.

  • 9.45pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 4:3

    The Serbian doesn’t let anything go wrong. He took the lead with a calm and tactically intelligent volley against the advanced Sinner. A good first serve ensures him the advantage.

  • 9.42pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:3

    The service passes to the center, i.e. to Sinner’s forehand. The forehand tends to be the weakest shot for the Italian. Novak Djokovic is right here too, because a frame shot destroys any hope of a break.

  • 9.41pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:3

    There is the first break possibility for the challenger. Sinner chooses the right corners twice more and in the end it is the 36-year-old who becomes too frenetic.

  • 9.40pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:3

    The second point is immediately followed by the third! But anyone who knows Djokovic knows that he won’t let the deficit remain for long. He decides at the right time for the long forehand and puts Sinner in enormous difficulty, 30:30.

  • 9.39pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:3

    Djokovic opens the court with the serve to the outside and then places the backhand into the free corner. Sinner is quick on his feet, but his backhand cross ends up in the net. The following is one of the few small mistakes made by the new and old number one in the world. Djokovic wants to play the backhand cross too precisely and misses the court. It’s the second point for Sinner when Djokovic serves.

  • 9.37pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:3

    Jannik Sinner shows nerve! With the fifth ace he suddenly ties the breakball against him. And not only! He fights for the lead and grabs the next forehand stop. This time he senses the Serbian’s cross early. The backhand flies down the winner’s line and everything stays on line.

  • 9.35pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:2

    This doesn’t exist! The world number one accelerates the pace with the forehand cross. Sinner comes out of nowhere to block the forehand, but Djokovic is awake. Like a champion, he recovers the ball and puts a short volley down the sideline. There is the first break point.

  • 9.34pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:2

    With a successful first serve, Sinner gets the ball. Then it’s Novak Djokovic’s turn again. He dictates the balls from the baseline and lets Sinner run until he deflects his forehand into the double court. For the first time this evening we are talking about a debut.

  • 9.32pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:2

    However, it will be tight again. The 36-year-old’s response ends up at the feet of Sinner, who bends his forehand back. When the score is 30:30, the decision is made: is there the first break point or is it the ball of the game for the local player?

  • 9.30pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:2

    After a quick point for Djokovic, Sinner gets the first point on a rally. The Serbian’s slow backhand slice gives Sinner enough time to position himself perfectly on the ball. He circles the backhand and reverses the forehand at a sharp angle, 15:15.

  • 9.27pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 3:2

    The slice serve to the outside gives him 3-2 in the first set. Both have already served four aces in this first phase of the game. So your arms are running!

  • 9.26pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 2:2

    After the first point went to Sinner, Djokovic decided to serve and volley on the second serve. He closes the lateral spar and manages to intercept Sinner’s counterattack. He follows ace number three, still on the outside.

  • 9.24pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 2:2

    However, the Italian does not let himself be disturbed. His second serve is sharp enough to ideally set up the match winner.

  • 9.23pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 2:1

    After three incredible aces in a row, the first exchange actually takes place. Djokovic gets balls very early and can place them very close to the baseline. This forces Sinner to make a mistake with his forehand. From Sinner’s perspective, a similar picture emerges in the exchange following 40:30.

  • 9.19pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 2:1

    Will we see three-nil service games right at the start? The answer is a resounding yes! So far we have waited in vain for long rallies. Djokovic hits another ace on the outside and then hits a service winner.

  • 9.17pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 1:1

    How does Sinner fit into this match? Two return errors from Djokovic and a backhand cross into the net set up another flawless serve. Sinner then hits his first ace on the outside and equalizes 1:1 in the first set.

  • 9.13pm

    Djokovic-Peccatore 1:0

    Without letting anything burn, the Serbian pushes the first ace and brings his serve to zero. He had a perfect start.

  • 9.12pm

    Djokovic-Sinner 0:0

    Dinner is served! Novak Djokovic has the first word and starts with a central serve that Sinner is no longer able to bring back under control. The backhand return then ends up in the net for 30-0.

  • 9.06pm

    The players are there

    The players arrived on the field on time. Novak Djokovic gives Sinner the choice in the coin toss. The Italian wins and decides to return. Djokovic will start the match with his serve after the short warm-up.

  • 8.51pm

    Djokovic the first favorite

    On the other side awaits Novak Djokovic, the reigning champion and six-time ATP Finals champion. The Serbian will definitively close the year as number one in the world. If these are not the best conditions to be considered one of the favorites at this year’s finals. In his first match against Holger Rune, Djokovic found things quite difficult. The 36-year-old won the first tiebreak, the second went to the young Dane. Only in the third set did Djokovic manage to break away. The next difficult task awaits Jannik Sinner.

  • 8.42pm

    Local hero in impressive form

    On the one hand there is Jannik Sinner, the local hero. He will surely be the audience’s favorite this evening. The 22-year-old has yet to win the Nitto ATP Finals, but in 2019 he was crowned ATP Next-Gen Champion. Sinner also opened this year’s final with his match against Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Italian did not give his opponent the slightest chance and emerged victorious 6:4 and 6:4. Tsitsipas has been particularly powerless against improving the quality of service. Tsitsipas himself failed to finish his second match today. After three matches, the Greek had to give up against Holger Rune due to injury.

  • 8.32pm


    Good evening and welcome to the night session of the ATP Finals. The two winners of the first round meet in the Green Group. Jannik Sinner and Novak Djokovic are expected on the Central Court at 9.00 pm.

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