Tesla responds to long waiting times at Supercharger charging stations: new “congestion charge” planned.

Tesla responds to long waiting times at Supercharger charging stations: new “congestion charge” planned.

With a view to shorter charging times and fewer traffic jams at Tesla’s Supercharger stations, the electric car giant is reportedly planning a controversial innovation: the introduction of a “congestion charge”. The planned introduction of the new tariff is causing heated discussions within the Tesla community.

• Highly frequented Supercharger stations are regulated
• Tesla hacker reports new fee
• Users are critical of innovation

Tesla limits charging levels

US carmaker Tesla has introduced a controversial measure in its efforts to reduce congestion at charging stations. Already in 2019, the electric car maker began limiting the charge level of its vehicles to 80% at the busiest Supercharger stations, in order to shorten charging times during peak hours. However, this has raised concerns among owners as there are situations where a tariff of more than 80% is needed, as Electrek magazine reports.

To address these concerns, Tesla has allowed owners to manually increase the charge level to 100%, Electrek also reports. This seemed to solve the problems and put most vehicle owners at ease. But now Tesla seems to be planning a more drastic measure, as can be seen from a post X by Tesla hacker “Green”, who has already published innovations at Tesla in the past. As a result, Tesla is working on a “congestion charge”. At busy stations where Tesla sets the charge level at 80%, drivers may now have to pay more if they increase the limit above 80%.

Tesla already charges fees for Supercharger parking

However, it is unclear how high this new fee will be. This isn’t the first time Tesla has introduced fees for using its Supercharger stations. Currently the “Supercharger parking fee” is payable if a vehicle remains parked at a Supercharger station after charging, as announced by the company itself. However, unlike the new “congestion charge,” Electrek said this tax has sparked less controversy because most people believe Supercharger stations should be used primarily for charging, not parking.

The new tariff is controversial

However, the introduction of the new “congestion charge” raises questions and sparks discussions in the Tesla community, as a post on Reddit reveals. Some drivers say that in the past they have occasionally been forced to charge above 80% to reach the nearest charging station along the route, especially on low-end models.

Overall, it remains to be seen how the introduction of this new fee will be received by Tesla drivers and to what extent it can effectively reduce rush hours at Supercharger stations.

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