The broadcast on Saturday 1 causes outrage: viewers are stunned

The broadcast on Saturday 1 causes outrage: viewers are stunned

November 16, 2023, Bavaria, M

Giovanni Zarrella and Nazan Eckes presented the Bambi awards.Image: dpa / Peter Kneffel


Jennifer Ullrich

On the evening of November 16th national and international stars celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Bambi Awards at the Bavaria Filmstudios in Munich, the event was broadcast live on free TV on Saturday 1st.

There was no shortage of surprises: Giovanni Zarrella, for example, not only hosted the event as a presenter, but also suddenly received the award himself in the “Entertainment” category.

However, the event did not go off without a hitch. On social media, the public was left amused by a technical glitch. There was also a moment that caused a lot of dissatisfaction.

Technical problem with Bambi

Basketball coach Gordon Herbert, who led the German team to the World Cup triumph this year, accepted the award from Bastian Schweinsteiger and his wife Ana Ivanovic, but immediately had to fight a breakdown: As the 64-year-old began his acceptance speech, his microphone suddenly broke.

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Herbert attempted to repair the device himself with one hand while holding Bambi in the other. However, he was unsuccessful, so he was eventually brought a new microphone. He didn’t let it bother him, but began his speech with confidence: “We have shown what can be achieved with a team like this,” he said proudly.

Even though the incident lasted only a few seconds, it did not go unnoticed by the public. “It doesn’t get any better than this, right?”, said an amused viewer on X (formerly Twitter), for example.

Elsewhere it was written: “‘Made in Germany’ is no longer what it used to be.” The scene certainly sparked amusement.

Bambi’s commemorative moment causes outrage

But the broadcast caused a stir elsewhere. When Wincent Weiss performed her song “Just a Heartbeat Away” on stage, photos of personalities who passed away this year were displayed in the background. Among other things, photos of singer Tina Turner and pole vaulter Tim Lobinger could be seen.

The staging of the moment angered many. Many people felt that the deceased were not sufficiently honored in this way. One user would have preferred to show the close-up images instead of pointing the camera at Wincent Weiss. The clear verdict next to “maximally disrespectful”:

“God, this is all unprofessional.”

“Same thing every time,” said another person, also very critical. A question is addressed directly to the television crew: “Didn’t the editorial team learn respect from you?”

Another viewer finds the whole performance “really amazing” (in a bad way) and describes Wincent Weiss as an “unknown cuddly bard.”

That “7 vs. Wild” is always a source of surprises, as can also be seen in the third season, which will initially be broadcast exclusively on Freevee before appearing on YouTube at the end of November. A cliffhanger in the fifth episode caused problems for fans this week, as an exit was hinted at. The end of the episode showed an incoming call to headquarters.

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