The journalist shocks with a lying confession – his colleagues are outraged

The journalist shocks with a lying confession – his colleagues are outraged

FILE - Amazon Prime Thursday Night football commentator Charissa Thompson speaks before an NFL football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oct. 8, 2019. 19, 2023, in New Orleans.  ...

Apparently Charissa Thompson has lied several times on television. Image: FR170517 AP/Tyler Kaufman


Antonia Augsbach

Sometimes, even for sports journalists, things don’t go as planned. Sometimes the interview partner just gives boring answers or the interview is canceled altogether. Journalists need to be prepared for this.

However, an NFL reporter has now caused a stir with her confession of lies. He apparently had an unusual way of dealing with missing partners in interviews. Now colleagues are outraged by their behavior.

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Charissa Thompson has seen a lot of film studies in her television career. From 2007 to 2010 she was also active on the sidelines. At that time she was supposed to conduct interviews for the American broadcaster Fox Sports. The people she spoke to were mostly NFL coaches. But when they weren’t there, Thompson had an unusual strategy.

NFL: Journalist surprises with confession of a lie

On the sports podcast “Pardon My Take,” the 41-year-old spoke surprisingly honestly about her approach as an NFL reporter. Thompson also admitted that he wasn’t always completely honest. She got creative, especially when no football coaches showed up for the interview during the break. She explained:

“I didn’t want to ruin the relationship, so I said to myself: I’ll just make it up.”

Sometimes he simply made up his presentations during recess breaks. If the coach didn’t show up or time was short, he let his imagination run wild.

NFL, American Football Men, USA Super Bowl LVII-Fox Sports Media Day February 7, 2023 Phoenix, Arizona, USA Charissa Thompson at the Fox Sports media day at the Phoenix Convention Center.  Convent of Phoenix Phoenix...

Charissa Thompson began her television career in 2007. Image: IMAGO Images/USA TODAY Network

Thompson’s justification for this practice is probably even more surprising. According to her, no coach would get angry if she made expected statements. For example, the 41-year-old cited phrases like “Hey, we’ve got to stop getting hurt,” “We’ve got to be better on third downs,” or “We’ve got to stop giving the ball away and get off the field better.” “It would not be corrected.

However, Charissa Thompson does not seem ashamed of her actions, on the contrary. She reported the strange methods on her podcast last year.

The journalist was also able to give a concrete example. A conversation in 2008 with then-Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli went completely differently than expected. Instead of giving a sports rating, the coach would have told her: “What a beautiful perfume you are wearing.” Thompson quickly made up a report.

Apparently the strategy in question had no negative effects on his career. Thompson is currently hosting “Fox NFL Kickoff” and can also be seen on “Thursday Night Football” on Amazon.

The brazen statement causes outrage among colleagues

The unusual confession caused misunderstanding among his colleagues. Tracy Wolfson continues to write and never invents anything. “The journalist knows that her colleagues see it the same way.

Fox colleague Laura Okmin was also disappointed. You also explained on X how much time it would take as a reporter to build a relationship of trust with coaches. The fabricated interviews and false reports are obviously a disgrace.

Charissa Thompson has now addressed the public with a statement on Instagram. Above all, she tried to save her reputation as a sports journalist. “I have never lied about anything or behaved unethically during my time as a sportscaster,” she said in the note.

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