“The list is a lack of respect for every woman” – Streamer criticizes current Twitch rankings

The latest “Female Streamer of the Week” rankings are sparking outrage in the Twitch community, particularly due to the placement of female streamers’ content in the category Pools, hot tubs and beaches to produce. MeinMMO shows you what the opinions are.

What kind of list is this? The weekly rankings cause a stir on the “StreamAwards” Twitter account. But the most recent ranking, “Streamer of the Week,” dated November 13, 2023, was met with considerable controversy in the Twitch community.

The top 5 German-speaking streamers consist of Mellooow_, HoneyPuu, xFibii, Vansessy and Mahluna. Many aren’t happy about it though, especially when it comes to Mellooow_ and Vansessy.

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Twitch as an advertising platform for paid adult content

Why is the community upset? The outrage arises because both streamers have “Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches” listed in the top 3 streaming categories (via Twitchtracker for Mellooow_ and Vansessy).

This category mostly shows women in bikinis or revealing clothing in swimming pools or hot tubs.

The streamers are accused of using a business tactic also used by international streamers like Amouranth.

Yes! for social media

Slightly suggestive but free content is shown on platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Twitch, while more explicit content is moved to paid platforms like OnlyFans. Twitch only serves as an advertising platform.

The “code” for this tactic is a phrase like “S! for Socials” – this is an invitation to check out Onlyfans.

Amouranth also uses a similar trading tactic:

Amouranth wants his fans to be closer – artificial intelligence should achieve this

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What are the comments? The Twitch community reacts with outrage to this list, with numerous negative comments highlighting the dissatisfaction.

Prominent German Twitch streamer MckyTV, who previously expressed his concerns about such streams, is also clear about this. In a comment under the Twitter post he writes:

This list is a disrespect to every woman who sits for hours every day and thinks about the contents. We can’t do anything about Twitch, but at least removing these streams from the list would be a start.

Mcky via X (formerly Twitter)

The community’s unanimous opinion is that such content should not appear in the leaderboards:

  • “AZPECT-CUSTOMZ” writes: “Press Stream for what? Shoot your ass on camera in leggings? There are streamers who agonize over content and try to promote entertainment in their community, while others just stick their butt on cam. THEIR chat alone is disgusting. How can you forgive something like that… true L.”
  • Polish priest writes: “Poverty indication for Twitch Germany”
  • “Terranwolf” writes: “So this list cannot be topped in terms of disrespect. Why are Mellow and Vansessy on this list? The streams violate the community guidelines in every stream because the buttocks are featured prominently in the stream. Read the guidelines. Let them both out.”
  • “Ninjang” writes: “With all love, streamers who violate the ToS really shouldn’t be here!”
  • “PleX writes: «And who watches these things? Precisely the pubescent and adolescent ones. It is generally prohibited because minors are always involved. […] Finally do something, Twitch”
  • “ZeViBear writes: “There are many streamers who deserve much more to be on the list that produces decent and elaborate content. If a woman wants to make money off her body, do it. But not Twitch. I think it’s a shame that you support it.
  • “Mirii writes: “I don’t understand why there are women there who don’t make ANY CONTENT…. I mean, showing your ass is not happy for me and Twitch is the wrong platform for that!”

The heated community reactions are leading to calls for a review of the criteria for these rankings. Many are calling for streamers who specialize in sexually suggestive content to be removed from these lists. The goal is to strengthen recognition for other content creators and ensure greater diversity in the official rankings.

You can read what Twitch said a while back about content like Amouranth’s and what they want to do about it here: Amouranth made millions of dollars off it: Twitch finally calls the mic licker for what it is

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