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FC Bayern Munich will present a new sales record at its annual general meeting. Compared to the previous season they earned around 140 million euros more.

Munich – One of the most important days in the annual calendar of FC Bayern Munich is approaching: no, this autumn is not about the Bundesliga final, a possible championship celebration or a Champions League final – we are talking about the annual general meeting of German football: record champions.

Chairman of the board of directors: Jan Christian Dreesen
President: Herbert Hainer
Trainer: Thomas Tuchel

Preview the date for the annual general meeting of FC Bayern Munich

Things can get down to business during those general meetings. This has been demonstrated in recent years, when there has been repeated criticism from members. Attention has often focused on FCB’s engagement in and with Qatar. The previous meetings under the leadership of Uli Hoeneß are unforgettable: the outburst of November 12, 2007 (“Your shitty mood, you are responsible for it and not us!”) has long been legendary.

Exactly 16 years later, Hoeneß’s successor as Bayern president, Herbert Hainer, now invites the citizens to the annual general meeting in the Rudi Sedlmayer Hall. This year the event will take place on Sunday morning – explained Hainer Mercury of Monaco and the tz also because the date was deliberately set for November 12th at 11.00. It is the first time that the General Assembly meets in the morning.

Bayern surpasses the million dollar barrier: the magic threshold of record sales has been surpassed

Bayern will also present numbers it has never seen in its long history. Strong Soccer player A record will be achieved for the 2022/23 financial year. The turnover therefore exceeds the threshold of 800 million euros for the first time. The German leader has thus exceeded a magical limit: so far the maximum value of the 2018/19 season has been 750.4 million euros. Then the coronavirus pandemic followed and the numbers dropped. In 2021/22 the Monaco team earned 665.7 million euros.

Striker Harry Kane’s €100 million transfer will not yet appear in the figures as it will be allocated to the current financial year. Only with the series of consecutive victories in the Champions League, the Munich team has almost recovered the record figure.

President Herbert Hainer (left) and CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen will probably be happy with FC Bayern Munich’s new sales record. © Sven Simon / Rüdiger Wölk / Imago

Bayern president Hainer: “Economically we are more than impressive”

«From an economic point of view we are more than impressive; our members can look forward to the budgets. And once again we have lived up to our social responsibility with numerous initiatives. We look forward to sharing this with our members at the AGM,” said Hainer Mercury of Monaco and the tz a part from that.

“We expect many members to come to the annual general meeting to vote, among other things, on the new statute. The whole process is democracy in action and it is important that as many members as possible make use of their right to vote, because in an association with over 300,000 members, the largest possible group should be involved in shaping the path”, continued Hainer.

Is everything okay at Bayern? Early exit of the cup as a defect

“FC Bayern is once again in a brilliant position in autumn 2023: our players have not yet lost a match in the Bundesliga and have won everything again in the Champions League. Our women’s team came in first place, our basketball players are growing further with our new coach Pablo Laso,” Hainer explained.

The only shadow for the players, on whom he obviously focuses: another early failure in the DFB Cup. Coach Thomas Tuchel faced a lot of criticism for this, but responded with the convincing victory in the classic against Dortmund. (akl/dpa)

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