The pearls of the day on Twitter from November 14, 2023

Dear pearl fans, dear cucumber friends and pickle enthusiasts! Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, Pickle Day! Yes, you understood correctly, there is an entire day dedicated to the sour and crunchy heroes of our jars. The common cucumber finally gets the attention it deserves! If pickles could talk, they would probably tell stories of adventurous journeys through the salad bowls (and capacious bags) of the world, with heroic missions to accompany the best sandwiches and sandwiches. Maybe they would even have an autobiography called “From Pickle Peel to Glory: My Sour Road to National Pickle Day.” Yes, today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love for pickles. Take a cucumber quiz with your friends, host a pickle eating contest, or create artistic cucumber sculptures using toothpicks and spring onions. Or how about a cucumber juggling competition? Okay, okay, you’re too cool for that anyway and you’re here for a completely different reason: our 10 Twitter gems of the day. But who knows, maybe you’ll snack on some Spreewald cucumbers or gherkins. With that in mind, enjoy and bon appetit.

#1: No nude photos yet

#2: Hit, sunk!

#3: There is no other way

#4: Snapper

#5: Giving up daughter (18), sometimes a little cheeky

#6: All parents understand this

#7: You have to be very careful

#8: Kids, kids

#9: The man knows it, the woman too

#10: Hibernate with full compensation, now!

Then we will dance until late in the evening! But first we leave our latest video here:

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