The player receives 8 bottles of liquor during a flight for playing the right MMORPG

A player of the MMORPG Old School RuneScape received 8 bottles of schnapps on a flight because he asked a flight attendant about an MMORPG he was playing on his smartphone. For fans of the MMORPG, this is a sign of what a special bond “Old School RuneScape” creates between players.

What kind of MMORPG is this?

  • Old School RuneScape was released for PC in 2013 and for mobile devices in 2018. Most people play it through the Jagex launcher, but there is also a version on Steam.
  • The game corresponds to the MMORPG RuneScape as it was around 2007 – similar to WoW Classic, it is the retro version of an old but still successful MMORPG that makes many long for the “golden times” of their childhood.
  • Old School RuneScape is so exciting because it is now more popular among some than the real Runescape at retail: it is the ninth largest MMORPG in Germany, according to Google. Regular RuneScape doesn’t make the top 10.

Old School RuneScape – Trailer for the Steam version

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He saw the steward playing an MMORPG on his cell phone

This is what the player says: A player reports on Reddit that he says he was just coming out of the restroom on the plane and realized that one of the flight attendants was playing old school RuneScape on his smartphone. He spoke to him shortly after and praised the MMORPG before returning to his seat.

The flight attendant was very busy, but later she took a moment to talk to the player about the MMORPG: what skills you have on 99, how you searched for the “Hell Boss”, and why you always managed to get back into the game.

The player thought, “It’s a nice conversation where you don’t expect it,” but otherwise didn’t attach any importance to the chat. But during the final step, the flight attendant gave him a paper bag marked “trash” and said, “Have fun.”

The player was surprised and didn’t really know what to think. But when he opened the bag, he saw 6 bottles of whiskey and 2 bottles of bourbon inside. He said it felt like Christmas.

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How is this discussed? The RuneScape community is known to be a rather cynical bunch: on Reddit people immediately suspect that the steward is actually planning a scam in RuneScape and probably just wants to secure the player with the gift and then rob him later.

But in a quiet moment, one player also says: It’s a good feeling. You know what it’s like when you say you played MMORPGs as a kid and then get ignored. But meeting someone who also plays RuneScape is a great feeling.

The MMORPG is something very special and, for many people, an important part of their childhood.

The player also said in an interview: Even if it seems trivial. It’s pure nostalgia and very relaxing to walk around Varrock and simply chop down a tree to get EXP.

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