The reasons for the first-person view

Before Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora released next month, the developers detailed why the first-person view was the best decision.

As noted from the beginning, you will experience “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” from a first-person perspective. In this case, however, many players would have preferred a third-person view (optional). Finally, they will play the Na’vi, who are particularly striking with their appearance.

So why did Ubisoft Massive choose first person? Game director Ditte Deenfeldt says: “We want you immerses himself in the world and you really feel like you’re on Pandora. So it was never a big discussion for us.

Magnus Jansen, who works as creative director, said: The team was “completely in agreement” with Lightstorm Entertainment on this decision. This is James Cameron’s film production company involved in the development.

“Being as close to Pandora as possible, immersing ourselves in the world as deeply as possible, which is achieved through first-person perspective… it was clear to me that we wanted to go there,” explains Jansen.

Deenfeldt concludes that nature is “in a sense the main character of the game.” And in the first-person perspective, the player experiences the landscape more intensely.

Change of perspective when using a mount

In some game situations you switch to third-person perspective. This is the case when you ride on the back of a flying or racing animal. This gives you a better overview, says deputy game director Drewrechner.

“In the third-person view, you can see a lot of branches and leaves and all these things from the wings that you couldn’t really see in first person. And if you cut the waterfalls with your wings, you can see how the Ikran part gets wet and how the water drains. I think this kind of detail would be really hard to see otherwise,” Rechner said.

Both points of view would be a “double job”

The question still arises as to why Ubisoft Massive doesn’t allow the player to switch at any time. According to the calculator this is due to the difficult implementation. The two perspectives have a completely different approach, which would ultimately mean “double work”. If you play in third person, completely different animations are needed. Furthermore, the less strong immersion is emphasized again.

By focusing on the first person, the development team managed to create particularly detailed and intricate animations. This allows you to experience Pandora up close.

An example from Jansen: “When you pick, you take the fruit, and when you turn the controller, your hand follows what you do.”

Furthermore, there is with the height another reason for the first-person view. After all, the average Na’vi is three meters tall. Since the main enemies are humans, you will feel this size difference again and again. However, you notice this not only in battle when you demonstrate your strength, but also in strange rooms. For example, if you enter a control room, you have to crouch.

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“Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora” releases December 7 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The open-world adventure will also be playable via Amazon Luna.

Source: IGN

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