The Season of Discovery brings new mounts, world boosts, epics, and more

Thanks to BlizzCon 2023 and the interviews taking place there, we already know a lot about the first phase of WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery, which is scheduled to launch on the new servers on November 30, 2023.

Dataminers are on the hunt for PTR treasure

As we all know, this was the night of the Classic era and hardcore servers Update 1.15, with UI improvements and various bug fixes. The update apparently also forms the basis for the Season of Discovery. At least data miners at Wowhead have discovered all kinds of data in the new build PTR 52124 for patch 1.15 which definitely belongs to the new season. Below we summarize all the exciting discoveries for you.

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WoW Cataclysm Classic: BlizzCon 2023 announcement trailer

The armor slots for the new runes

Place new class runes in the slots attached to your equipment. Up to level 25 you unlock three of these slots, for pants, breastplate and gloves. The runes used can be changed at any time. Now it seems clear: up to level 60 we will have a total of nine slots available, which will cover all important areas of equipment. Only the neck parts, rings, jewels and weapons do not seem to give space.

The new world upgrades for the Season of Discovery

Collect those who want to get the most out of theirs in a classic context the different enthusiasts of the world As Battle cry of the dragon slayers, Warchief’s Blessing OR Spirit of Zandalar. More world enthusiasts will arrive in Azeroth with the Season of Discovery:

  • Blackfatom Benefit: From the new 10-player raid in the Deep Black Cave. Increases the critical hit chance of spells, melee and ranged hits by 2% each, grants 20 attack power, and increases movement speed by 20%. It lasts 120 minutes.
  • Ashenvale Rally Shout: From the new PvP world event in Ashenvale. Increases all damage dealt and healing by 5% for two hours.

There are also several effects that appear to be related to shrines. Where to find them is currently unclear. However, they appear to increase stats such as stamina, armor, willpower, or intelligence.

WoW Season of Discovery: A new world upgrade awaits in the 10-player raid in the Deep Black Grotto.
Source: Blizzard

New runes for druids, hunters, paladins and warriors

On the PTR, data miners discovered some runes that were not part of the BlizzCon demo.


  • Efflorescence: Heals the 3 most injured party or raid members within 15 meters of the selected area.
  • Everbloom: Your Invigoration can now be active on targets affected by another Druid’s Invigoration.
  • Gale winds: Increases the damage dealt by your Hurricane by 100%, it no longer has a cooldown, and its mana cost is reduced by 20%.
  • Natural reaction: Increases your dodge chance by 10% and regenerates 3 Rage each time you dodge while in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, 10 Energy while in Cat Form, or 1% of your maximum mana in any other form .
  • Renewal: Instantly heal for 30% of your maximum health. Can be used in all forms.

Soccer player

  • Sum pheromones: Your Tame the Beast ability also works on vipers (as a pet).
  • Deer moss: Your Tame the Beast ability also works on deer (as pets).
  • Engraved Belt – Appearance of the Lion: Engrave the Aspect of the Lion rune on your belt:
    The hunter takes on the appearance of a lion, increasing the total stats by 10% for all nearby allies and increasing the hunter’s total stats by an additional 10%. Only one aspect can be active at a time.


  • Path of Arthas: Your connection to the Light has been damaged. All holy healing you deal is decreased by 50%, but all non-sacred damage you deal is increased by 5%.


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