The Viennese influencer can hardly eat anymore

The Viennese influencer can hardly eat anymore

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He risked a big lip in the true sense of the word. This refers to the influencer “Vienna Würstl”. Because her huge lips cause her a lot of problems.

Mallorca/Vienna – As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people simply have good genes and are happy as God created them. And other people help nature a little and go under the knife. Liposuction, eyelid tightening, chin straightening, there are almost no limits to the surgery.

This has long been true for lip injections as well. Living proof of this is the influencer “Vienna Würstl”. The Austrian was not satisfied with a normal dose and got mega lips without further ado. Now he regrets it. Because eating and drinking is more difficult for her than before. Mega problems caused by mega lips. Iris Klein, who also had her lips injected, is unaware of these problems.

The “Plastic-fantastic” beauty influencer “Vienna Würstl” gets mega lips

The Austrian defines herself as a “plastic-fantastic” beauty influencer. A young woman who received, among other things, 30 milliliters of lip fillers Colored reported. The internet recently left her with mixed feelings about her extremely large labia.

The Viennese, who lives in Mallorca, is quick to admit that her mega lips generally make it much more difficult for her to sip a drink. Every day she is faced with an unprecedented herculean task. “Vienna Würstl”, as the young woman calls herself on Instagram, even jokingly describes herself as “more lips than people”. A statement you don’t hear often. Would Caro Robens, who is also not against cosmetic surgery, also make such a statement?

I can hardly eat anymore: huge lips cause problems for influencers – criticism on social media

But the Viennese don’t always want to laugh. On the one hand because he has to struggle every day with eating and drinking because of his mega lips. And on the other hand because the “Vienna Sausage” has already been and continues to be the subject of massive criticism on social media. But there is also encouragement for the Austrian and her lips.

You can see the Viennese influencer “Vienna Würstl”, who presents himself to his followers on Instagram in a pink tracksuit.  She “poses” with her injected lips.
Big problems due to her mega lips: the Viennese influencer “Vienna Würstl” can hardly eat anymore. ©vienna.wuerstel/Instagram/Montage

“Vienna Würstl” probably confirms this by further widening the lips. In one of her videos, the young woman says that she hopes to receive more lip fillers in the future. The influencer fails to understand the concerns of his fans and followers who fear that the procedures could pose a health risk. And she would prefer to continue going her way.

No end in sight: “Vienna Würstl” wants to continue having her lips injected – and encourages her followers

“Vienna Würstl” also knows how to calm down his followers on Instagram and TikTok. All of their plastic surgeons are highly professional and equally highly trained. Of course, there is no guarantee that such a surgical procedure will not go wrong.

“Vienna Würstl”, and this is its message, be proud of its appearance. Furthermore, he also wants to encourage other people to act with self-confidence. Especially in relation to the body. An absolutely commendable attitude. This step should be reconsidered only if a procedure has caused enough swelling of the lips that makes eating and drinking difficult. (han)

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