The winner of the million dollar treasure hunt sparks heated discussions

The winner of the million dollar treasure hunt sparks heated discussions

Joko is happy with the million winner.

Joko is happy with the million winner.Image: Joko & Klaas/X


Jennifer Ullrich

Last week, Joko and Klaas used the gained airtime to start a spectacular treasure hunt: every day the two presented a puzzle, the solution of which revealed part of the coordinates. The big solution came on Tuesday: Spectator Tobias found the money suitcase in Saxony and immediately went with Joko to Berlin, where Klaas was already waiting for him on “Late Night Berlin”.

The grand finale had a major twist in store, as Tobias didn’t solve the puzzle alone. Rather, he gleaned clues from a Twitch star’s streams. Now this is seen very differently on social media.

Millionaire win thanks to Papaplatte

The treasure hunt was also followed by the streamer Papaplatte, currently present in “7 vs. Wild”. Together with his community, he carried out investigative work in his waterways. In the end it benefited Tobias, who, together with Joko, openly admitted that he owed the windfall mainly to Papaplatte.

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From day one Papaplatte has been covering the big mystery and on Tuesday evening he also joined the “Late Night Berlin”. His clear reaction: He’s happy for Tobias and extremely proud that one of his fans made it.

The fact that a streamer with a wide reach was engaging in the treasure hunt was met with criticism from the start. With tens of thousands of people helping out in the live stream, solving the puzzles is just too easy, people complained repeatedly in the chat.

For them the entire charm of the action was lost. It also increased the likelihood that the million would ultimately go to a person who had little or no personal involvement with the puzzles.

So Tobias basically received the money as a gift – at least that’s one interpretation of the story now. For example, on X (formerly Twitter) a user writes: “Because someone received a million from a streamer that would otherwise have been given to someone who could have solved it themselves.” Elsewhere you can also read:

“The biggest fraud in the history of television.”

The million winner was twice as lucky

There is another factor that worries this user: Tobias lives only ten minutes from where the suitcase full of money was located, so he had a lot of fun both ways.

Those who had the solution ready but had to travel from the south or west were generally at a disadvantage. “The other German participants with long distances had no chance of arriving faster than him,” says X.

But many others don’t see it so closely and celebrate Tobias. For example, one user believes that some people are simply jealous. “We live in 2023, the Internet will always be ten steps ahead of you, the viewers. Cry (…) into your pillow and continue to show your true character when it comes to things like this“, we read on social media. Another fan expressed himself diplomatically:

“Yes, it would have been nicer if someone had solved the problem on their own. But I still think it’s crazy when tens of thousands of people get together and someone is lucky enough to find the suitcase.”

One thing is certain: Papaplatte is proud of his community and Joko and Klaas are also happy for Tobias. It was probably clear from the beginning that luck would ultimately play an important role.

In the third season of “7 vs. Wild”, participants form teams of two, but that doesn’t necessarily make things easier for them. Already on the second day the nerves were frayed. In the fifth episode, which appeared on the night of November 14, there are now signs of an exit. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that leaves fans highly speculative.

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