These layered looks shape the silhouette

These layered looks shape the silhouette

It cleverly shows off curves

Layering for Plus Sizes: These styling tips shape your silhouette

Layering for plus sizes.

Fall fashion for curvy girls: how the layered look creates beautiful proportions.

The layered look knows no (size) limits!

When it comes to layering, the outfit consists of a combination of different clothing items that form multiple layers. The curvy silhouette underneath can quickly be lost. But: it doesn’t have to be like this! The high-contrast style helps not hide your figure, but rather highlight your curves. is now also on WhatsApp – Try it right HERE!

A narrow base – the be all and end all when layering

A narrow base is important for a successful layered look. Because it’s better to layer multiple layers on it. Furthermore, the contrasts can be perfectly combined with the narrow base!

Skinny jeans* are ideal: Tight pants emphasize the legs, the foundation we desire. You can style any top as you like: you can create a trendy contrast with a loose sweater, for example. Stretch denim fabric adds comfort.

If you want it to be even more comfortable, you can also use this alternative: layering can also be done with comfortable clothing leggings*. They make the perfect first layer to pair with a thick sweater and a loose coat.

Layered look with the little black dress: why it always works when you wear layers

As we all know, basics are made to be layered. In addition to jeans and a t-shirt, the classic little black dress is always a good choice for this trend.

The advantage: The dress is super universal. Every color and every style suits this. That means: Here you can layer as much as you want! For example, a long-sleeved t-shirt fits underneath and a sweater or jacket on top. On cold days the dress can also be combined with leggings or jeans.

There are no rules when choosing the exact model. The motto is a matter of taste! One with a loose cut Blouse dress* Hides the belly and highlights the bust and legs. A narrow one is a little more curvy Wrap-around dress* – perfect for a curvy look.


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Layering Fashion Trends: This is what creates the layered look

As I said, layering thrives on contrasts. This means that the layers visually stand out from each other and create an interesting silhouette. You implement the contrasting style with cuts, materials and colors, for example. That is why it is better to combine with the simple base elements that attract attention in a bright color or fabrics with an interesting texture.

With this Cardigan in blue*you can create the layered outfit in no time. Whether with jeans or over a dress: a cardigan warms you up and creates another layer. Cotton creates a fashionable contrast, especially with smooth fabrics. The long cut visually lengthens the body.

Reading tip: Neutral colors: This is why winter looks in muted tones are so popular

Fall layering favorite: the trench coat

In the transition period, especially thin layers proved to be the most effective layer. These transition jackets warm up immediately and create the desired effect.

A popular model is a classic trench coat: The thin fabric protects from the wind in the colder transitional seasons, but does not add volume. The typical tailored fit emphasizes the beautiful proportions and skilfully highlights the curves.

Tip: If you like bright colors, choose the classic model in bright colors. With a green coat*it’s very trendy for her.

Three golden rules of styling: This is what you need to keep in mind when layering

The layered look is one of the favorite combinations: at least you can give free rein to your styling mood. Furthermore, you can find clothes suitable for every figure and curves are highlighted in the best possible way. To ensure that the multifaceted style does not make you look unflattering, some fashion rules are useful:

  1. The most important feature of layering: contrasts! The layered look thrives on a high-contrast design. Therefore: play with different lengths, materials and colors.
  2. Comfort is the priority: A loosely layered outfit creates freedom of movement and increases comfort. This is important because when you feel comfortable, you appear more confident. With small adjustments, such as a narrow base and a tailored fit, you can maintain a good figure despite the comfortable cut.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of layering! You can benefit amazingly from layering, no matter your size! If you skillfully use different layers and contrasts, you can emphasize your chocolatey side.

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