This is how Yasemin and Jochen compare before the finale

Yasemin and Jochen show up hand in hand at the meeting in Saarbrücken. But in the conversation that follows, it becomes clear that things are far from harmonious between the couple from the “Wedding at First Sight” show.

Married at First Sight: Why Yasemin and Jochen Suit Each Other on Paper

You have an appointment with Markus Ernst. The pairing expert brought the 31-year-old from Völklingen together with the 38-year-old from St. Wendel. But things were not going well between the two during their honeymoon in Bali. They only got to know each other better in the Saarland. “That’s why I want to find out the behind-the-scenes of the pairing,” Jochen explains, explaining the passage.

Markus Ernst explains why their profiles match on paper. “Yasemin, you seem detached and cold on the outside, but you have a loving and authentic core inside you. In a relationship you willingly adapt and seek harmony.” Jochen, on the other hand, would feel bad if there were constant arguments and also has a great need for harmony.

Jasemin accuses Jochen: “You are a block of ice”

The 38-year-old clearly wants to highlight the couple’s positive development. After their honeymoon in Bali, Yasemin opened up to him more and was ready to invest in their relationship. However, when she talks about her emotionality, Yasemin interrupts her partner. “Maybe I’m a little cold, but you’re a block of ice,” accuses Jochen. He made some decisions emotionally and instinctively, but Jochen, on the other hand, wasn’t emotional at all. She couldn’t open up to him because he was so cold from the start.

Jochen is shocked by Yasemin’s accusations. “The ice block is difficult,” he says. For him, emotionality only comes in a relationship. But he also blames the messy start for their shaky relationship status. “My reserved attitude stems from my early experiences with Yasemin, which took the wind out of my sails,” he says. Yasemin confirms that Jochen gave everything during their honeymoon. But: “he always wants to look cool and is therefore even cooler than me”, he analyzes.

Profiles of characters from the animal kingdom

Matching expert Markus Ernst tries to encourage the couple. It just takes time for the trust to build for a deeper relationship. “They haven’t known each other for long and have already been through some difficult and stressful times.” Ernst advises both of them to be more specific about what they would like. They already have a foundation and they will have to build on that from now on. But the atmosphere between Yasemin and Jochen is still tense.

Ernst reminds them which animals they would use to characterize their desired partner. Yasemin wanted an elephant who offered her security, was loving and strong in character and satisfied her need to be together. She hadn’t found this in previous relationships, but Jochen could offer her exactly that.

Jochen described his dream partner as a cheetah: she should be sporty and assertive, but not dominant and willing to compromise in the relationship. Both would also like to have a lot of communication that goes beyond superficial topics.

However, Yasemin sees big differences between theory and practice. Their union would be better now, but they hadn’t opened up fully yet. Jochen points out that they would not have remained silent and could have talked about everything normally. This doesn’t seem to convince Yasemin. “You have to let it sink in first, then time will tell how it goes,” he says. Jochen thanks him for the data and then the two leave.

The ending of “Marriage at First Sight”

At the end of the seventh episode comes the finale of the experiment. The six women and six men meet to decide the future of their marriages. For the first time, each candidate is shown the highs and lows of their wedding and marriage in video form. To do this, candidates go into a separate room and watch the film alone.

When it’s the Saarland couple’s turn, they both seem aware that it won’t be easy for them. “It won’t be so harmonious,” Yasemin announces to the other women as they leave. Jochen quickly downs all his beer before leaving behind the men who are watching his wedding film at the same time.

From the first kiss to the scandal in the ring

First, the couple and other candidates can see how emotional it was between Yasemin and Jochen at the wedding. They compliment each other on how “beautiful they look,” Yasemin cries, and the first kiss is passionate. But in Bali unpleasant situations increase. Saarlanders often sit next to each other in silence and watch the air intently.

As he watches, Jochen’s eyes are already shining with tears. Then comes the scene where Jochen loses his wedding ring while he’s riding a quad bike. The women are shocked: “It would be my nightmare,” says one participant. Yasemin’s accusatory reaction to the loss doesn’t please men. “Knowing better doesn’t help either,” says one participant.

The seventh episode of the television program ends with images of this accident. Next week we will see in the finale whether Yasemin and Jochen will stay together or get divorced.

“Married at First Sight” – Season 10: The episodes in summary

The show appears weekly from September 18 for the first time on the Joyn streaming platform (paid subscription required). From September 25th the dome show will also be broadcast on linear TV on Saturday 1st.

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