Timeless autumn trend: show off your style with this H&M coat

We can’t have enough jackets and coats. Long gone are the days when we only bought a warm item of clothing for the cold season. Now all of us – let’s say so – have different options in our wardrobes. Some last several seasons and are worn again each year. The others are solved. And of course new models are added regularly.

After all, you can completely change an outfit with a coat or jacket. Clothing largely determines our look in autumn and winter when we are out and about.

Wool coats are timeless classics

The desire for something new is quickly satisfied by cheap fashion suppliers such as Zara, Mango and H&M. The assortment is vast and trendy jackets and coats are available for around 50 euros. It’s hard to resist.

Current jacket and coat trends include puffer jackets, teddy fur styles, and pilot jackets. But the classic wool coat remains in vogue and, as a timeless classic, is worth the investment.

If you don’t want to spend that much money on a timeless classic, we have this coat now discovered by H&M*, definitely liked it. It only costs 59.99 euros, but it seems much more expensive.

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That’s why the H&M coat is so good

A classic wool coat always works. If you think they are all similar, you are wrong. Because these models really have very different designs. Material, cut and color make each coat different. A tailored black version, for example, looks completely different from a loose cream model.

This coat from H&M is a good investment now. Credit: HM

At H&M we discovered a coat made of fabric that looks elegant and casual at the same time. The double-breasted fabric coat has a loose fit and reaches approximately to the calves. The garment features wide lapels, discreet side pockets and a vent on the back.

We particularly like the H&M coat in the current trend color grey. The color is slightly mottled and therefore does not look so monotonous. If you wish, you can also get the coat in classic black.

We can’t believe that the beautiful coat costs only 59.99 euros. Because it seems of much higher quality. A real deal!

Styling ideas: here’s how to match the coat

The coat goes well with all styles. You can wear it over jeans, pleated trousers, a skirt or a dress. Paired with a skirt and heeled boots, it looks absolutely elegant. If you wear jeans and sneakers, the H&M coat will have a casual and sporty look.

As the saying goes: This coat is an all-rounder and can be worn on many different occasions. Getting stuck in the closet and waiting for its big appearance definitely won’t happen with this statement piece.

Something important at the end: Shopping is fun, but none of us want to make the wrong purchases. So let our shopping tips inspire you to create your own style. Buy consciously, and if in doubt, spend a night thinking about whether you really need the item. Only in this way will you be truly happy with your wardrobe.

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