Today the annual general meeting of FC Bayern: records, news and explosives on Mazraoui

For Bayern it’s that time again: the annual general meeting (AGM) is approaching! Throughout history, memorable scenes have always taken place at the AGM, the latest being two years ago. At the time Uli Hoeneß spoke of the “worst event he ever experienced at FC Bayern”. Will there be an equally memorable performance this time too? What topics cause explosiveness? All event information is accompanied SPORT1 in the live ticker!

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+++ Here we are! +++

The bosses take the stage for the first time. The club anthem “Star of the South” blares through the room. A panoramic video of Bayern’s season then plays on the screen.

+++ The first members are in the room +++

The Rudi Sedlmayer Hall/BMW Park in Munich is gradually filling up. The first members are already preparing for this year’s General Assembly.

The first members are in the room

+++ News at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern +++

It starts at 11 in BMW Park, the venerable Rudi Sedlmayer Hall where Bavarian basketball players play. Entry for members was at 9.00. This means that the event, which all members aged 18 and over can attend, first starts at lunchtime to allow for the arrival and departure of all participants on the same day.

Another novelty is that the day before, after Bayern’s 4-2 victory against 1. FC Heidenheim, a meeting between members took place for the first time.

+++ Bayern will probably present record numbers +++

According to Bayern he will be there on Sunday kickers Record numbers present. Turnover for the final financial year 2022/23 is expected to exceed the €800 million mark for the first time.

The previous record dates back to the 2018/19 season, when the record champions achieved a total turnover of 750.4 million euros. Since only the figures for the past financial year are presented, Harry Kane’s record transfer is not yet taken into account.

+++ Bavarian Annual General Meeting: Agenda Items +++

  • FIRST 1: President’s report
  • FIRST 2: Report of the Vice Presidents
  • TOP 3: Auditing firm’s report on the annual financial statements
  • TOP 4: Discharge of the Presidium
  • TOP 5: Report of the Board of Directors of FC Bayern München AG
  • TOP 6: Choice of the auditing firm for the annual financial statements
  • TOP 7: Request from the executive committee for a new version of the club constitution and submission of membership applications
  • TOP 8: various

+++ “Unprecedented participatory process” +++

During the Assembly, a change to the statute will be decided, which has already been worked on in advance with the involvement of the members. Four questions were therefore submitted in advance, two of which the Presidium largely incorporated into its draft amendment and subsequently described this as an “unprecedented participatory process”.

The second paragraph of the statute “Purpose and tasks” should be expanded with the point “Values”. This serves to decisively counter “unconstitutional, xenophobic and anti-democratic efforts” and could potentially provide explosive material due to the issue of Bayern defender Noussair Mazraoui’s posts and Bayern’s lack of sanctions.

+++ All information about the annual general meeting of Bavaria +++

+++ Tuchel makes you laugh: “So I’m excited” +++

In addition to president Herbert Hainer, who will sit on the podium, coach Thomas Tuchel will also be present, as he confirmed on Friday in a press conference ahead of the home match against Heidenheim.

“I think the players won’t be there because they will be with the national teams. But I will be there”, explained Tuchel, underlining that he wants to guarantee himself the best possible starting position with a victory against the promoted team. “But tomorrow we have an important appointment even before the Assembly. We want to do good preparatory work and guarantee a good general atmosphere”.

Asked about the sometimes turbulent and heated events of recent years, the Bayern coach made the journalists present laugh: “No, I didn’t notice (the last two annual general meetings, ed.). So I’m excited.”

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