Tuchel’s next strange statement causes laughter

Tuchel’s next strange statement causes laughter

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Thomas Tuchel recently achieved two important victories with FC Bayern.Image: IMAGO images / Eibner


Jan Schultz

When FC Bayern hosts 1. FC Heidenheim, the roles will be clearly assigned. With a home victory, Monaco wants, at least for the moment, to take command of the table; Bayer Leverkusen could only follow him on Sunday.

SV Darmstadt recently discovered how bad things can get for a newcomer to the Allianz Arena. The Gigli were outnumbered for a short time, but ultimately lost 8-0 when outnumbered. Bayern would be more than happy to greet the next international break with a show like that.

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One Bayern professional who will say goodbye to the international break before the start of Saturday’s home match is Daniel Peretz. “We will turn it off today,” Tuchel announced in his press conference on Friday. The goalkeeper will go directly to the national team and therefore will not be available to FCB at the weekend.

Bayern goalkeeper Daniel Peretz before a four-pack of the national team

The backdrop is the tight timing of the international games. The Israeli games were canceled in October due to Hamas attacks, but will be rescheduled in the coming days. The point is that there are four international matches in the space of ten days, the first of which will take place on Sunday against Kosovo.

ARCHIVE - 23 October 2023, Bavaria, Munich: Goalkeeper Daniel Peretz in action during a training session of FC Bayern Munich.  He goes to the Israeli national team.  (to dpa: “Trip to the national team: FC ...

Daniel Peretz will visit the Israeli national team on Friday.Image: dpa / Lennart Preiss

Bayern can also accept Peretz’s early retirement because Manuel Neuer coped well with his return. The veteran will defend goal again on Saturday, with Sven Ulreich taking his place on the bench.

Like virtually every recent conversation with Tuchel, the press conference was about expert opinion. This time it wasn’t Lothar Matthäus or Didi Hamann, but former Bayern professional Mehmet Scholl.

FC Bayern: Thomas Tuchel finds clear words

In the Sky program “Triple – The Schüttflix Football Talk” he suspected that Tuchel had deliberately rotated extremely in the DFB Cup against Saarbrücken to draw attention to the lack of width in the squad. He consciously accepted the end.

ARCHIVE - February 28, 2017, Bavaria, Munich: DFB Cup, Bayern Munich - FC Schalke 04, quarter-finals on March 1, 2017 in the Allianz Arena in Munich (Bavaria).  Former football professional Mehmet Scholl.  Scholl...

Mehmet Scholl played for FC Bayern from 1992 to 2007.Image: dpa / Tobias Hase

“It’s complete nonsense”, the Bayern coach has now found clear words for this thesis. The cup match was used “to save some players. We also did it in the first round”.

It was also about giving a chance to those who had been used less frequently lately, but “simply deserved it”. As coach, Tuchel has the responsibility of keeping not just eleven players but an entire team happy.

Thomas Tuchel indirectly makes you laugh

It also made the journalists present on Friday lunchtime happy. As the club’s annual general meeting will be held on Sunday, a media representative spoke to the manager about past events.

“No, I hadn’t noticed,” Tuchel admitted. “Better,” replied the journalist. There was laughter throughout the room and even the Bayern coach laughed heartily. “So I’m excited,” he looked ahead to Sunday with a smile.

Unlike the players, Tuchel himself will be present at the next annual general meeting. On Saturday he and his team wanted first and foremost “to do the necessary preparatory work to ensure a good overall atmosphere.” To be able to laugh again on Sunday.

The NFL has big plans in Germany. This was recently made clear by league manager Roger Godell, who said during the first match in Frankfurt: “We will not say goodbye to the markets that have been important to our growth. And Germany has been crucial to our growth.”

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