Two possible dates for the trailer stand out

Two possible dates for the trailer stand out

from Oliver Jaeger
The cat is out of the bag: GTA 6 will be presented to the public with an official trailer at the beginning of December. However, Rockstar Games has not yet revealed the exact date of the trailer. However, a few days come to mind, two in particular that are very obvious.

Rockstar Games turns 25 in December. If that’s not enough, there will also be the premiere of the first GTA 6 trailer earlier this month, giving a taste of what players can expect to experience first-hand up to two years down the line. Many fans are probably already wondering what day the trailer will be released. Rockstar Games continues to stay mum on this, but there are a few dates coming up, two in particular, where the trailer could be released.

Rockstar Games 25th Anniversary Trailer Coming Soon…

First of all, Rockstar Games’ 25th birthday seems like an obvious day to reveal the GTA 6 trailer. There’s just one small problem here, because it doesn’t appear to be officially known. Only December 1998 is mentioned. However, the game publisher and developer celebrated its 20th birthday on December 10, 2018 (at the time with a campaign selling older games and fan items from the Rockstar Collection). December 10, 2023 would therefore be a deadline for the trailer. The only question that remains is whether a Sunday would be a suitable time for this occasion.

…or maybe this year’s Game Awards?

A day of the week may be more appropriate, such as Friday, two days earlier. This is December 8, 2023, when a special event will be held. We’re talking about the Game Awards with regular host Geoff Keighley. Game fans in this country should also know him because he moderated Opening Night Live at Gamescom. At least Geoff Keighley reposted Rockstar Games’ 25th anniversary post with the announcement of the GTA 6 trailer. He also reposted his own post regarding the release of GTA 6. Of course, all of this doesn’t have to mean anything.

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However, December 8th would just be the date for the potential reveal of the trailer in this country. In reality the Game Awards will be held next Monday Nominations for each category to be revealed, which will take place on December 7 in Los Angeles. If you want to follow the event in Germany via live streaming, you should be ready the next day at 1:30 am. Since it is common practice at the Game Awards to announce new releases and show trailers in addition to awards ceremonies in over 30 different categories, the time may be ripe for the GTA 6 trailer at this event.

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