Weekly Review and Outlook: YouTube Ad Blockers Steal Call of Duty’s Show

In the last 45th calendar week, ComputerBase has focused on testing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Windows games on macOS with Apple Silicon, and taking action against ad blockers on YouTube. News on this last topic has clearly been very successful in terms of access.

The new Call of Duty on test

The countryside inside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (Test) has major weaknesses in terms of content and the technology on the PC does not work optimally – for example, there are inexplicably low performance gains when upsampling. The good news is that the game is free of annoying stuttering and the native frame rate is generally high. Modern Warfare III runs well on both GeForce and Radeon and offers high FPS, but AMD graphics cards clearly beat their Nvidia counterparts. The graphic quality, on the other hand, could be much better for a modern AAA blockbuster, at least in the campaign, which the editorial team tested.

Windows games on macOS with Arm SoC

Windows games only work on Windows “because” of DirectX, right? At least since Valve used the DirectX to Vulkan translator with Proton and integrated the tool itself into Steam for Linux, the answer is “no.” Now Apple is also making progress with the Game Porting Toolkit – if only slowly, as Jan and Fabian note in the 42nd episode of the ComputerBase CB-Funk podcast after the test report of the Game Porting Toolkit on the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra.

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Ad blockers are (unfortunately) of great concern

There was an outlier in the news and notes this week. While Sunday’s latest question and report on WeWork’s bankruptcy filing generated quite a few views, YouTube’s ad blocker detection topic outpaced all other content in terms of 24-hour access. Since May this year, YouTube has been running a test in which users with ad blockers are shown a pop-up and then denied access to YouTube. In recent days and weeks the test has been significantly expanded and is leading to hundreds of thousands of ad blocker uninstallations, as the developers of AdGuard and Ghostery now admit.

How great the interest in the topic is is demonstrated not only by the almost 700 comments in the forum, but also by looking at the search engine results: no other news this year has brought so many readers to ComputerBase. Content skyrocketing to high rankings on Google is rare, but it happens every now and then. Last year, TSMC’s massive energy consumption announcement earned this honor.

After the Sunday question appears as usual at noon, readers can expect tests of Sony’s HT-AX7 Bluetooth speaker and Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight 2 gaming mouse next week. There are no larger trade shows, announcements or events in the plan.

With this reading material in your baggage, the editorial team wishes you a relaxing Sunday!

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