“Wetten, dass…?”  2023: date, guests and all information on the Gottschalk broadcast |  Fun

“Wetten, dass…?” 2023: date, guests and all information on the Gottschalk broadcast | Fun

This is what viewers have been waiting for!

The farewell edition of will be published on November 25 “You bet…?”. Yes, you understood correctly, it will be the last show of the cult format with a presenter Be Thomas Gottschalk.

All information about the show on November 25, 2023 and the guests can be found here in a broad overview.

This is the meaning of “Wetten, dass…?”.

“Wetten, dass..?” is one of the best-known and longest-running television programs in the German-speaking area. The show has been around for several decades and was first broadcast in 1981.

Candidates present their skills live in front of an audience in a large hall. Celebrity guests then bet on unusual abilities. Does the betting proposal work or not? If the celebrity is wrong, he usually faces an unpleasant task.

The skills are often unusual, funny, or spectacular. In 1981, for example, bodybuilder Hans Oßner blew up a hot water bottle and caused it to explode. In the same year, Rudolf Künzler and his team parked an 8.8-ton truck on four beer glasses.

It is not yet known what the bets will be on this year’s show.

When does “Bet, that…?” air?

The show ran for nearly 34 years after its premiere in 1981 and was discontinued in 2014. Seven years later, in November 2021, the hit format returned for an annual edition with longtime host Thomas Gottschalk.

Viewers will be able to watch the show on free TV on November 25 at 8.15pm on ZDF.

After the November 2023 edition, Gottschalk will say goodbye to the show again, this time for the last time. It is not yet clear what the future of the show will be and whether it will continue.

The moderation of “Wetten,dass..?”

The idea for “Wetten,dass..?” it came to Frank Elstner, the well-known show master and inventor, who later entrusted the moderation to Thomas Gottschalk.

Under Gottschalk’s leadership, the show has become his trademark and is often called the “greatest television show in Europe.” Gottschalk hosted 151 editions of the show.

On purpose: Michelle Hunziker hosted the show alongside him from October 2009 to 2012. However, this time she is not a co-host.

Michelle Hunziker alongside the television god in the program “Wetten, dass…”.

Michelle Hunziker alongside the television favorite in the show “Wetten, dass..?”. However, in the last show she will sit on the chatter couch as a guest.

Photo: Getty Images

The “I Bet That…?” Incident

But then in 2010 the tragic accident occurred that shook all of Germany: Candidate Samuel Koch he bets that he will be able to somersault over moving cars five times in a row. Everything goes well twice, but then something happens that no one expected: he is hit by the car and seriously injured in the cervical spine.

A year after the 2011 incident, Thomas Gottschalk hosted the show for the last time and handed it over to colleague Markus Lanz before the show was temporarily discontinued in 2014.

These guests will participate in “Wetten,dass..?” 2023

There will be another explosion at the farewell show. Fans can also expect world-famous stars in 2023. Gottschalk has already revealed this Cher, Helene Fischer E Shirin David will be there.

World famous singer Cher

World famous singer Cher will be part of the latest edition of “Wetten,dass..?”

Photo: Picture Alliance/AP Photo

Shirin David and Helene Fischer are said to appear together on the show. If and what others It remains to be seen whether the stars will sit on the “Wetten,dass..?” sofa.

Singer Helene Fischer will host the show in 2021

Singer Helene Fischer will be a guest of Thomas Gottschalk in 2021

Photo: Daniel Karmann/dpa

The winner of the “Wetten, dass…?” 2022

In the previous edition, climate activist Marten Reiß won 50,000 euros. He bet that he could recognize one fingerprint among thousands in a minute, which he did. With his appearance he drew attention to the village of Lützerath (NRW), which is threatened with demolition. The prize money was intended to help protect the village from the consequences of coal mining.

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